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How to Clean a Gas Stove with Oil Clean Solution

The gas stove is always the place easily cover with various cooking oil stain mark.  How to effectively clean the gas stove has become one of the top priority in order to keep a clean kitchen. Perhaps, keep the kitchen cleaned is the main challenge for many housewives.

Gas Stove before and after clean

A dedicate housewife will ask you to clean the gas stove with detergent right after every cooking.  Even though you are doing on a daily basis, cleaning an oily gas stove is really a challenging job especially the rack and burner head.

Now with EC brand Oil Clean Solution, the gas stove cleaning job becomes easy.  With spray and mop, you could remove the oil stain mark likes burden-free.

Steps to Clean a Gas Stove with Oil Clean Solution

Gas Stove Before Clean

Step 1. Take away the stove rack and burner head.  Expose the gas stove surface.  Normally you will see the oil stain mark and some cooking residue.

Step 2. Put the stove rack and burner head into a container.  Spray the Oil Clean Solution toward the contaminant spots and burner head.  Let the Oil Clean Solution stay for a few minutes.  For heavy oil stain mark, you could merge the entire burner head into the Oil Clean Solution in order to achieve the maximum result.

Step 3.  Spray the Oil Clean Solution toward the gas stove surface.  Press extra shot on the oil stain mark area.

Step 4.  Takes out the cleaning cloth and mop the gas stove surface.  Mop extra times with a wet cloth to ensure no residue.  Now the gas stove surface is cleaned.

Gas Stove After Clean

Step 5.  Now we go back to clean the stove rack and burner head.  After several minutes of soaking, you just need to take a cloth and clean the burner head surface and rack.  Flush with water after mop.

Step 6.  Return the gas stove rack and burner head in their respective position.

Step 7.  Clean the mopping cloth so that you could re-use for next cleaning activity.

With above simple and effective steps, you could get a cleaned gas stove almost like new.  If you are practising daily cleaning and familiar about the cleaning procedure, you should be able to complete the above process within 5 minutes time.

Oil Clean Solution

What is Oil Clean Solution?

Oil Clean Solution is an EC brand cleaner specially formulates for removing kitchen oil stain mark.  The working principle for Oil Clean Solution is to dissolve the oil film or even harden oil stain. 

The oil film will be deposited on the gas stove surface while cooking.  The film will get thicker and harden after deposition of more layers.  The normal detergent will become less effective in removing the oil stain.  This is also the reason why many kitchens leave unattended until the Oil Clean Solution launched.

How Frequent should we clean the Gas Stove?

Clean the Gas Stove at least once per week

With the dedicate Oil Clean Solution, the stove cleaning becomes easier and simple.  However, in order to keep a clean kitchen without oil stain, we recommend housewife could clean the stove surface on a daily basis.  For the burner head and rack, unless it is really too dirty, else you could maintain to clean on a weekly basis.

During the weekly cleaning, we also recommend you could also clean the kitchen wall tile and kitchen vacuum hood too!

Gas stove‘s rack and the burner head cleaning could become easier and effective once you have the Oil Clean SolutionContact EC Specialty if you want to find out more about this product.

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