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Antibacterial Sanitizer for Personal Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Solution

EC Specialty Supplies supply several sanitizers and detergent products, such as antibacterial hand spray sanitizer, hand wash detergent and general-purpose floor antibacterial sanitizer for Malaysia consumer market.  There are many choices of detergent, sanitizer and disinfectant products in the market.  Instead of studying individual products and features, choose the product manufacture from a reliable company would be a good idea.

Why Choose the Sanitizer Products from EC Specialty

EC is a professional detergent supplier for the cleaning industry in Malaysia.  We have formulated many dedicated cleaning detergents for overcoming various cleaning needs.  Apart from industry used detergent, we also established a series of comprehensive sanitizer products in order to improve personal hygiene.

Our series of sanitizer and disinfectant covers several areas for improving consumer personal hygiene, these includes:

  1. Hand Sanitizer.
  2. Aerial Disinfectant.
  3. Hand Wash Solution.
  4. General Purpose Cleaning.
  5. Air Freshener.

The broad spectrums of products have given consumer a good choice to overcome their needs.  In order to narrow down the consumer selection time, we only develop 1 product for the dedicate application.

Don’t Sacrifice for Personal Hygiene

Many sanitizer formulations have to include several antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. Some of the disinfectant substance may cause impact human health, such as aldehyde derivatives, alcohol and benzyl compound.  Those antibacterial agents have been added in the detergent and household cleaning agent in order to achieve the disinfectant purpose.  Unfortunately, many antibacterial agents may cause damage to our health.

We have challenged many alcohol-based hand spray sanitizer. The unknown quality of the alcohol-based product not only fail in sanitizer need but also causing damage to the consumer body.

Consumer could only get a quality sanitizer product from a reliable source so that they could avoid many pit fall.

Improve Personal Hygiene with Quality Sanitizer Product

Improve personal hygiene is so important steps especially during a pandemic outbreak. However, we could only achieve this with quality sanitizer products.  If we getting a product without considering the product quality, we are in the risk of bringing adverse effect to the individual.

EC Specialty Supplies has deliberately considered the variety of our products for dedicate use.  The consumer could directly search the available product from our website or buy from our e-commerce shop.

The disinfectant and sanitizer requirement may increase from time to time.  We strongly urge individual always set a high standard for keeping good personal hygiene and maintain this habit thoroughly.

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