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PVA Sponge Roller Overview

Various PVA Sponge Roller

Various PVA Sponge Roller


This PVA Sponge Roller overview will give a preliminary understanding of the basic knowledge about the PVA sponge.  In general, the PVA sponge roller is a soft, flexible, and porous material.  And it could form into various physical patterns bases on the mold design and application.  The PVA sponge that comes with a roller design is named as PVA sponge roller.

The PVA sponge roller common uses in wet processes, such as the cleaning process and wet transferring process.

This PVA sponge roller briefing will provide the basic overview perspective to user.


The Overview of PVA Sponge Roller

PVA sponge roller is having the basic characteristic property of excellent water absorption, soft and best resilience, it has become a suitable material uses for the cleaning process, which brings no harm to the clean substance.

The Application

There are 2 basic applications for PVA sponge:

  1. Cleaning Process.  Nowadays PVA sponge roller has developed as an efficient cleaning tool used in most of the high demanding cleaning process, this including semiconductor and hard disc drive cleaning.  Since we are using the brushing effect, hence we also named a PVA brush.
  2. Wet surface drying.  Most of the roller-type sponge is used for surface drying purposes.   The sponge roller will install at the final stage of the cleaning process, and the sponge will remove the accessive watermark on the substrate surface.  Such as the plate wash roller in printing mashing.

The Structure Design

Circular Surface Brush

Circular Surface Brush


PVA sponge could be designed in various surface structures to fulfill individual cleaning requirements.  The most common design is roller structure and unique pattern design.

There are many structural designs for the PVA sponge, such as

  1. Roller Type.  The roller design is the most common and famous design for most cleaning processes.
  2. Unique Surface Pattern.  Some customers require different surface patterns in order to improve brushing performance.  This is where we could come in and develop a unique brush for their application.
  3. Sheet Form.  The sheet form pattern normally is using in the wiping process, such as the 2mm thick PVA foam wiper.
  4. Block Form.  Block form sponge is commonly seen in manual surface cleaning.  The PVA block sponge is the product for customers who want to carry our surface cleaning or wiping.

With the best water absorption capability, this makes the PVA sponge roller famous in PCB, LCD display, glass industry for cleaning purposes or dehydrate the surfaceFor dedicated cleaning purpose, we are also able to tailor-made difference surface topography design that suits individual cleaning needs.

Quality of PVA Sponge Roller

There are many sponge suppliers in the Malaysian market, unfortunately not all the suppliers are delivering the same quality products.  The sponge roller may look very similar but the quality will differentiate the best among all.

The strength for DST and our sponge quality:

  1. Engineering Knowledge.  We have more than 10 years of supplying PVA sponges to the cleaning industry.
  2. Product Quality.  Our product fulfils the highest cleanliness specification.  Perhaps, it also qualifies in the semiconductor, hard disc drive, and pharmaceutical industry.

DST Technology not only supplying PVA sponge roller to customers but also providing a total solution to customers for achieving better cleaning resultsWith standardize manufacturing processes, a comprehensive quality control system, and R&D research capability, we are confident to supply quality products.

This PVA sponge roller overview gives you a basic understanding of our products and how the products will help to improve the process.  Feel free to contact DST to understand more about our products and services.

PVA Sponge Products
PVA Sponge Products

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