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Quantum Sanitizer Solution

Hand Spray Sanitizer
Hand Spray Sanitizer

Quantum Hypochlorous acid sanitiser solution is a dedicated formulation from EC Specialty Supplies for improving personal hygiene.  The 500ml Quantum sanitiser solution is the same as Quantum Hand Spray Sanitizer.

The small bottle of Quantum Hand Spray Sanitizer is very suitable for an individual to carry all the time without a heavy burden.  On the other hand, the 500ml bottle is mainly used in a station or for replenishing purpose.

Main Ingredient for Quantum Sanitizer Solution

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Solution

Hypochlorous acid is the main ingredient for Quantum Sanitizer Solution.  The solution is specially formulated so that the pH fall at the range between 5 to 6.  This is to ensure the solution is a favour to human skin and also having maximum Hypochlorous acid content.

Is Hypochlorous Acid is effective in disinfectant purpose?

In the US, perhaps, the EPA agency has included Hypochlorous acid solution as an effective disinfectant for COVID-19 and SAR virus. In Malaysia, we are very proud that Quantum disinfectant solution has gained recognition for the domestic market.

Feature for Quantum Hand Sanitizer

Hypochlorous acid is a strong oxidant which is a good characteristic for disinfectant purpose.  There are many oxidant substances such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide, unfortunately, all those substances are not suitable for direct application to human skin.

500ml Bottle of Quantum Hand Sanitizer

Use Hypochlorous acid solution if you want to sanitize on human skin or aerial disinfectant purpose.  There are several important advantages for using Hypochlorous acid-based sanitizer:

  1. Mild acid solution with pH 5-6, the pH similar to human skin.
  2. No burning feeling contact with skin.
  3. Fast sanitizer result.
  4. Alcohol-free
  5. Minor Chlorine odour

From the researches, Quantum Sanitizer Solution is suitable for every people this include kid and a pregnant lady.  You could spray some of the sanitizer solution on your pet’s body for disinfectant purpose.

Quantum Hypochlorous Acid Specification

EC Specialty Supplies specially formulate this sanitizer solution with no compromise in quality. All the sanitizer solution has gone through our dedicate process and process check before packing.  The entire product will be tested by batch basic to ensure the conformances before packing and ship to the consumer.

How I could know my purchase Quantum Hand Spray Sanitizer Data

We will enclose a QR code in the packaging and user could just scan the QR code to obtain the conformances data for this particular batch.

Here are a few important parameters for Quantum Hand Sanitizer.

  1. Product Code
  2. Product Description
  3. Batch #
  4. Mfg Date
  5. Expiry Date
  6. Odour
  7. pH
  8. Chlorine Content


500ml per bottle

The Quantum Sanitizer Solution is properly labelled so that the consumer could understand the sanitizer solution from various aspects.  A consumer could find out more about how we label Quantum Sanitizer solution from our relevant blog.

Many research have shown that Hypochlorous acid is a save and effective sanitizer for disinfectant purpose. Some users even use this sanitizer for eyes-lid cleaning too!  However, Quantum sanitizer solution is designed for EXTERNAL Use Only. It is not for internal consume even though it is a non-toxic product.

We congratulate and appreciate your support against our product. Your encouragement also becomes the momentum to us to further proceed in sanitizer development.   With Quantum Sanitizer Solution, you are moving for better personal hygiene.

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