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Hand Sanitizer

DST has manufactured a broad range of hand sanitizer products to support the hand cleaning needs, especially during the pandemic outbreak.  Hand sanitizer is an effective commodity for removing microorganism on our hand especially we are not able to access water source.  Hand cleaning detergent still the first priority for keeping effective hand cleanliness, however in certain occasion, we need hand sanitizer.

In Malaysia, DST manufactures several hand sanitizer products under the EC Specialty Supplies brand.  We have 3 difference series of products which classified for hand sanitizer purpose.  We are unable to consolidate the products as all products have their nature and the targeted application.

Alcohol Base Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol base hand sanitizer is the commonly seen disinfectant products available in the market.  EC Specialty Supplies also has an alcohol base product.  Our 75% concentration alcohol base hand sanitizer acquires high exposure, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The 75% concentration fulfils the WHO requirement for sterilizing microorganism or bacteria purpose.

Since alcohol is classified under Dangerous Goods, we have to pay extra cautious for product handling.  The product has to be stored and used away from fire.

Below is the Alcohol base hand sanitizer.

Chlorine Dioxide Base Sanitizer

Chlorine Dioxide
Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant which very suitable for general sanitizing.  You can use Chlorine Dioxide for floor sanitizing, environmental sanitizing with fogging equipment or used in hand sanitizer with the appropriate formulation.  You could obtain a good disinfection result by using 10ppm of chlorine dioxide.

Please remember, Chlorine dioxide is not the sodium hypochlorite even though both products have very close molecular elements.  Chlorine dioxide is much more powerful and effective in bacteria removal & disinfection.

EC Specialty Supplies provides the original chlorine dioxide tablet for those who want to perform general large surface disinfection.  Perhaps, chlorine dioxide considers as safe composition as many users used this composition in the flour bleaching process.

Hypochlorous Acid

Hand Sanitizer

The hypochlorous acid solution also names as Electrolyzed Oxidizing water (EO water).  This solution is the latest effective disinfectant solution announced and accepted by the FDA, EPA and USDA for eliminating pathogen.  Hypochlorous acid also used in the food industry.

In EC Specialty Supplies, we have launched the Quantum series of high-quality hand sanitizer products with the main ingredient of Hypochlorous acid.

DST is one of the hand sanitizer manufacturers in Malaysia.  We provide a wide range of cleaning detergent, hand wash cleaning solution, hand sanitizer products for industrial and commercial users.  You are welcome to contact us about our products or you could always get products from our EC Specialty Supplies shop.

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