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CMP Polisher Service

A double-side CMP polishing machine is an all-purpose polisher widely use in wafer, disc drive, and glass rigid disk.  This CMP polishing requires thorough maintenance in order to maintain high working precision, machine stability, productivity, and performance.  DST Technology has brought the CMP polishing machine service to Malaysia for supporting the local business need.  We also provide comprehensive CMP polishing machine upgrade in-house training for company who want to strengthen their maintenance team.

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Our Service Include

  • CMP Polishing Machine Overhaul
  • CMP Polisher Upgrade
  • CMP Polishing Machine Maintenance Training

DST Technology has a team with 10 years working experience in CMP polishing machine service and upgrade.  Our service classified into 2 major sectors, CMP polishing machine upgrade and in-house maintenance training.

Servicing CMP Polishing Machine

  • Peter Walter Polishing Machine
  • Speedfam Polishing Machine
  • Hamai Polishing Machine

Common CMP Polishing Machine Incompetents

No matter how rigid a CMP polishing machine was designed and manufacturer, after a period of usage the machine needs to go through a sophisticate service for bringing back to it fit working condition.  There are several common incompetents that need immediate attention before affecting the main CMP machine structure.

  1. Machine vibration
  2. Offset of swivel arm
  3. Wheel deformation
  4. Bearing wear-off
  5. Movement part wear-off
  6. Offset or wear-off on pin-ring

CMP Polishing Machine Upgrade

Our experience service team will provide an extensive CMP polishing machine upgrade according to customer requirement; DST Technology has wider services listed than below.

  1. Touch screen upgrade
  2. Install Anti-stick setting
  3. Load cell calibration
  4. RPM calibration

CMP Polishing Machine In-house Training

We offer a comprehensive CMP Polisher machine training package for local Malaysian companies.  DST has a strong mechanical and electrical background in CMP polishing machine and also hand-on experience which most suitable to train and equip the maintenance team within a limited period of time.  Our experience trainer believes sharing the knowledge with the first line maintenance team is the only way to value our knowledge.

We could tailor-made the training scope suit customer needs to ensure the trainee master the knowledge and tools in order to carry out the job scope.

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