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EC Disinfectant Tablet

EC Disinfectant Tablet
EC Disinfectant Tablet

EC Disinfectant Tablet is an effective, safe and reliable disinfectant, especially for aerial disinfection.  Perhaps the disinfectant tablet has been proven with better disinfection capability than sodium hypochlorite.  EC Disinfectant Tablet gives a practical, convenient and rational approach for a user who wants more than personal hygiene. 

A user could make use of the convenient of practical handling to the make-up disinfectant solution when needed

Characteristic of EC Disinfectant Tablet

Characteristic of EC Disinfectant Tablet

The EC Disinfectant Tablet is formulated with the active ingredient of Chlorine Dioxide.  It is formulated in tablet form so that the user could keep the tablet without occupying large space.  A user could make use of the convenient of practical handling to make up disinfectant solution when needed.

There are some unique characteristic for EC Disinfectant Tablet:

  1. A high concentration of chlorine dioxide
  2. The tablet form easy handling and storage
  3. Effervescent composition for convenient dilution
  4. Stable and reliable formulation which always delivery consistent concentration
  5. Effective to kill a broad spectrum of micro-organism, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Advantages of EC Disinfectant Tablet

EC Disinfectablet Tablet
Double seal packing

EC Specialty Supplies is specializing in providing disinfectant products, hand sanitizer products to Malaysia’s market.  Our products are properly designed, manufacturer and support with suitable documentation.

EC Disinfectant Tablet 2.jpgThe EC Disinfectant Tablet is having several advantages for user:

  1. Mix only when needed
  2. Could be used for personal hygiene
  3. Suitable aerial disinfection purpose
  4. Minor Chlorine odor as an unique indication of disinfectant availability

How to Handle the EC Disinfectant Tablet

Added 1 unit of EC Disinfectant Tablet into a 4 Liter water, by waiting 5min, you are getting a 4L volume chlorine dioxide solution with 15ppm concentration.  A 15ppm chlorine dioxide is pretty safe in handling and application.  However, there are several precautious for using EC Disinfectant Tablet.

  1. The solution is for EXTERNAL Use only.
  2. Not allow mixing with an acidic solution.
  3. Harmful if swallow.
  4. Avoid direct inhale of the solution.
  5. Causing irritation to eyes and respiratory system for long hour exposure.
  6. Wear PPE attire before handling, such as facemask, safety goggle, glove and face shield if needed.

Where EC Disinfectant Tablet is used?

Chlorine dioxide is commonly used in many applications with various concentrations, just to name a few:

  1. Water treatment & drinking water
  2. Food and beverage process
  3. Cooling tower of algae control
  4. Sludge disinfection

Packing Method

There are 2 type of packaging available:

  • 10 tablets loose pack
  • 100 tablets with container

Feel free to request our SDS and CPL if needed.

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