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PVA Sponge working with Mold Cleaner

PVA Sponge Soak In Rubber Mold Cleaner
PVA Sponge Soak In Rubber Mold Cleaner

The RMC930 Rubber Mold Cleaner is one of the cleaners we’ve developed specifically for industrial mold cleaning. This cleaner has consistently demonstrated excellent cleaning results, particularly when used for cleaning molds utilized in thermoforming rubber materials. Additionally, it has proven effective for cleaning anilox rollers that may become clogged with tiny pigments.

Internally, there have been discussions regarding the compatibility of the PVA sponge with this mold cleaner. Based on our past experiences, we are well aware that PVA sponges exhibit strong chemical resistance to many types of chemical solutions. We are interested in further expanding our knowledge base regarding the interaction of PVA sponges with this particular mold cleaner.

Will PVA sponge compatible with RMC mold cleaner?

Background of Thermoforming

The rubber thermoforming is a common forming method in the industry, perhaps many rubber spare parts are manufacture under thermoforming process. Since rubber is having the properties of high tensile strength and resilience, this makes the rubber is not suitable for machining process. The rubber product which we commonly seen in the market has to go through thermoforming process.

During the manufacturing process, heat is introduced. This cause the rubber residue is having the tendency to stick on the mold surface. Furthermore, the rubber residue will becomes stubborn contaminant for removing after the mold has gone through several heat-cool cycle. Under this circumstances, the RMC930 is the appropriate cleaner for removing this type of contaminant.

About the PVA Sponge

In this experiments, we are using a 2mm PVA sponge strip to carry out the soaking test. The 2mm thick PVA sponge is cut out from our PVA wiper, a wiper commonly used in clean room. Since the wiper is thin and tend to dry out if expose to the air, hence we have to soak the wiper in the solution to soften the wiper before the experiment start.

Soak the wiper strip in the RMC Mold Cleaner, observe the wiper condition from time to time. We soak the wiper and observe the wiper condition as below interval.

  1. 10min
  2. 30min
  3. 1hour
  4. 1 days

The wiper already fully soak the up the RMC mold cleaner, but does not observe any significant change in PVA sponge appearance.

From this simple soak test, we can conclude the PVA sponge is suitable to work with the rubber mold cleaner.

The Application between PVA Sponge with Mold Cleaner

Since the PVA sponge shows a good resistance with mold cleaner, it gives a hint that we could use the sponge with the mold cleaner. For instance, we could clean up a mold surface with a fully soaked PVA sponge wiper. Wiping the the PVA contained with the mold cleaner provides additional advantages for cleaning the surface contaminant.

This is a very promising findings between the PVA sponge with the mold cleaner. The field engineer has alternate selection in case some of the contaminant has to be removed with some scrubbing effort. Feel free talking with us to find out more about your cleaning needs.

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