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Why Clean Room Uses PVA Sponge and Wiper

PVA Clean room Wipe
PVA Clean room Wipe

PVA sponges and wipers are suitable for use in clean rooms. A clean room is a confined and controlled environment designed to maintain stringent pollutant control standards, including the regulation of airborne particles, aerosol particles, microbes, and dust. The air in a clean room undergoes continuous circulation and filtration to ensure compliance with cleanliness specifications.

Given these circumstances, any items brought into the clean room must undergo thorough examination and selection to minimize their impact on this tightly controlled environment.

PVA wipe and sponge is allowed to bring into clean room.

The Cleanroom Control

As discussed earlier, clean rooms typically need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Temperature Control
  2. Particulate Control
  3. Air Pressure and Circulation Control

Cleanroom Cleanliness Guideline

Clean room
Clean room

Among the aspects mentioned above, particulate control is the most crucial concern when it comes to cleanroom operations. This is primarily because the clean room temperature is regulated by the chiller, and this criterion is typically determined during the cleanroom design phase. As a result, particulate control takes center stage.

To ensure compliance with particulate requirements, the items brought into a clean room become the primary contributing factors. Therefore, any items introduced into a cleanroom should meet the following criteria:

  1. Heat Source
  2. Particle Contributor

These criteria are vital to maintaining the desired level of cleanliness within the cleanroom environment.

The Clean room Sponge

PVA Block Sponge
PVA Block Sponge

The PVA sponge is suitable to work in the clean room base on the below consideration.

Material Compatibility: PVA is a synthetic material, it is fabricated without cellulose fibre. It is very suitable for clean room environment.

Particle Generation: PVA sponges and wipers is lint free product which low particle generation to prevent contamination of the clean room.

Sterilization: Depending on the clean room’s requirements, the PVA sponge could further go through sterilization process to eliminate microbial contamination.

The PVA Wipe and Sponge

In DST, we do supply cleanroom sponge and wipe for clean room industry. Our cleanroom product is scrutiny fabricate and washed to ensure the particulate is fulfill the cleanroom application. Both of our PVA wiper and PVA Block Sponge have widely accepted in the market.

Feel free contact DST in case you are working to improve the clean room contamination or looking for appropriate clean room wipe.

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