Sponge Roller Products

Sponge roller product is the commonly seen commodity used in many cleaning process. The sponge roller could be design in various structures or even brush type in order to achieve it cleaning purpose.

There are many type of sponge roller materials available in the market together with difference structure. There is no one fit for all type of sponge roller which suits all type of cleaning process. In order to achieve best cleaning result, cleaning field engineer shall discuss and evaluate several type of sponge roller before making the conclusion.

In DST, we familiar the cleaning process and entire qualification procedure. We are open mind and willing to work with field engineer on sponge roller selection.

DST is having an extensive array of sponge roller products which able to support your most critical cleaning needs.

Sponge Roller Products – Material Variety

  1. PVA Sponge
  2. PU Sponge
  3. PVC sponge
  4. PU Sponge
  5. PO Sponge

Sponge Roller Products – Structure Variety

  1. Nodular sponge
  2. Spline sponge
  3. Circular sponge
  4. Surface pad sponge
  5. Irregular shape base on customer needs

Sponge Roller Micro-structure Design

  1. Sponge hardness
  2. Sponge pore size
  3. Improve sponge roller cleanliness
  4. Sponge roller properties

Please kindly contact DST Technology to understand more about the sponge roller we provide.