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Household and Industrial Uses PVA Sponge

PVA Sponge
PVA Sponge

The PVA sponge originally develops for industry uses and starts to migrate to household applications. PVA sponge products already developed and marketed more than 50 years ago. Perhaps, this sponge already dominated the cleaning process which requires a brush or scrub’s action.

Many have noticed the advantage features of the PVA sponge, hence some manufacturers have expanded the PVA sponge for our daily household product. This is the reason we are seeing more household products with these materials.

PVA sponge starts in industrial application and slowly transfer to household uses.

Industrial PVA Sponge

PVA Sponge - Chamois Towel
PVA Chamois Towel

In industrial applications, the cleaning field engineer uses PVA sponge products mainly for these 3 purposes.

  1. Water absorption on a wet surface
  2. Water blocking in a cleaning tank
  3. Surface cleaning or brushing process

Even though the PVA sponge looks very similar, such as white color and high porosity substance. But there are minor differences that differentiate the good and the best sponge. A cleaning field engineer will tabulate the product requirements which fulfill the cleaning process.

Household PVA Sponge

Common Application in Household Application

PVA Sponge mop
PVA Sponge mop

We are seeing a wide application for the PVA sponge to use in the household application, you may overlook some product until you go into details. Let me list out some over here.

  1. Chamois towel. The chamois towel is a high-end towel commonly seen by a swimmer. This towel is originated from the sheet PVA foam wiper product.
  2. PVA Floor Mop. Many years ago, this PVA mop is very popular. However, this mop becomes less popular and only use for those with dedicated applications, such as absorb water on the floor.
  3. Sponge block. Many car owners buy a high-density sponge block for car cleaning. The sponge block may come in different colors and sizes. In most cases, this type of high-density sponge is made of PVA material.

Future Application

Even though we are seeing several advantages of PVA sponge, unfortunately, the price is always higher than its rival. For instance, microfiber fabric is developed to act as a substitution for the chamois towel. Consumers may select microfabric because of the low selling price.

There is always room for improvement. One of the sectors we are seeing is the PVA block sponge and wiper foam. Many consumers have bought PVA sponge blocks for kitchen dish cleaning. This is to replace the melamine and PU sponge. One of the deficiencies of the melamine sponge is the short life span as well as sponge particle drop-off.

Consistent of Quality

Currently, more than 90% of our PVA sponge products are supplying for industrial application. This is because the industrial requires a consistent quality of a product which able to fulfill the cleaning process needs. However, we do have to reserve a small fraction of capacity for household application.

We only focus in manufacturing high-quality sponge and not all the PVA sponge serves the same performance. This is the reason many customers either in industrial or household applications turn to DST‘s PVA sponge. Call us and let us know your cleaning needs.

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