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Hypochlorous Acid as Hand Sanitizer

Hypochlorous acid is a suitable hand sanitizer that helps in maintaining good personal hygiene. So far, most of the hand sanitizer comes in alcohol-based, but we have other choices now. 

Along the day, we are seeing many defficiency on alcohol-based hand sanitizer, this includes hand drying and also on fire risk. Furthermore, we also read the news saying about high impurity found in the alcohol solution.

Thanks for the chemistry improvement to introduce the hypochlorous acid to us. In general, hypochlorous acid is gaining more attention due to its unique disinfectant characteristics. By the way, the CDA in the USA already approved it is safe for food contact.

FDA Approved Hypochlorous Acid as Disinfectant

Hypochlorous acid hand spray is a powerful disinfectant while having pH balance.  This makes the solution very favorable for hand sanitizer purposes. Perhaps, the hypochlorous acid solution is relatively safe for the skin too.

The hypochlorous acid solution is a suitable hand sanitizer purpose as it will not create a burn-feeling and hand drying symptom.

Even though FDA has included Hypochlorous acid solution as one of the approved disinfectants, however in Malaysia, many consumers still using alcohol-based sanitizer without knowing the risk of this chemical.

Quantum Series Hypochlorous Acid

Advantages for Hypochlorous Acid

The hypochlorous acid solution comes in a mild acidic with pH fall at the range 5.5 – 6.5, perhaps, the pH range is very favourable for human skin. 

Even though the solution is very mild to the skin, but the strong oxidation ability makes the solution becomes an effective disinfectant.

Here are a few advantages for Hypochlorous acid solution for sanitizer purpose:

  1. The liquid solution which very suitable to apply via spraying.
  2. Capable for surface disinfection within 5 -10 sec.
  3. Safe to use and not causing irritation to skin and eyes.
  4. Alcohol-free.

By the way, We are seeing more people is using Hypochlorous acid hand spray as a replacement for alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Quantum Series Hypochlorous Acid Hand Sanitizer Solution

pH range for Hypochlorous acid

EC Specialty Supplies has developed the dedicated Quantum Series of Hypochlorous acid solution.  The solution is properly formulated and processed so that the solution’s key parameters are well maintained. 

Salt and purified water are the two main ingredients for Quantum Series Hypochlorous Acid.  Furthermore, the solution pH is carefully adjusted so that it is favourable for the skin.

The label of Hypochlorous acid solution

Quantum Hand Sanitizer Label
Quantum Hand Sanitizer Label

The solution will properly fill in the respective container for hand spray purposes.  Meanwhile, we also properly label the container with sufficient and adequate information so that the consumer is easily finding out the details of the product. 

More importantly, the label design shall fulfill FDA needs for the principal display panel criteria. 

About Shelf Life & Quality

Hypochlorous acid has to store properly to avoid this sanitizer degrade into the water.  Meanwhile, the shelf life very much fluctuates and depends on storage condition.  In order to maintain a good quality of Quantum Series Hypochlorous Acid solution, we are giving several guidelines to our consumer by:

  1. Properly pack and store the solution.
  2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Given 1-year shelf life since the manufacturing date.

The Quantum Series Hypochlorous acid is packed in 2 containers, 10ml, and 60ml spray bottles.  The small bottle design is to ensures you could always carry one in your bag without much burden.  It also allows you to carry during the flight.

You are welcome to Contact DST for understanding hypochlorous based hand sanitizer product.

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