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PVA Sponge Block 80*35*120mm

The PVA Sponge Block comes in the dimension 80*35*120mm and this hand-held size is very suitable to use for wet surface cleaning. Meanwhile, the block sponge remains the PVA sponge characteristic, such as good water absorbability and wettability.

The rectangular shape PVA sponge is a complemented product to PVA sponge product. It also strengthens our product choices, so that we have a standardized PVA sponge roller, PVA foam wiper, and PVA block sponge products.

The PVA Sponge Block is a handy design product for general surface wiping and cleaning.

General Introduction

The rectangular size of the block sponge is made from synthetic PVA material, and it is very suitable for surface cleaning. The nanotechnology foaming process ensures the pore size evenness, hence the sponge comes in soft nature yet durable.

One of the nature of PVA sponges is able to work under wet conditions. Unlike the paper and fabric, the sponge is even better to work together with a detergent chemical solution.

Use for Surface Cleaning
The PVA sponge is soft yet durable for providing sufficient friction force for surface contaminant removal. Since the soft nature, the sponge will not scratch the substance surface.

PVA Block Sponge
PVA Block Sponge

Use for Water Removing
The block sponge is having excellent water absorption and storing capability. It will absorb the accessive water on the surface and let the surface dry even faster.

Use with many detergents
The PVA sponge material is very suitable to work either in acidic or alkaline-based cleaning solutions. Let the cleaning process becomes easier with the contribution of detergent.

Why Use PVA Block Sponge

The sponge is suitable for the process that requires absorbing accessive water or liquid. The sponge is manufactured via nanotechnology PVA foam. Meanwhile, the inter-connected micro cell pattern is able to absorb water via the capillary effect.


Most of the contaminant stay on the sponge surface could be easily removed by simple sponge cleaning by a soak-n-squeeze method. Hence, the PVA sponge could reusable many times until it is mechanical damaged.

Water Water Absorbtion
The PVA sponge could hold 10 times of water content than it self-weight. This makes the PVA sponge a good substance used for absorbing access water.

Even though the PVA sponge is providing large friction on the cleaned surface, but the PVA sponge micropore structure is durable enough to tolerate a long hour of the scrubbing process.

Application of Sponge Block

Square PVA Sponge
Rectangular Shape – PVA Block Sponge

The sponge application is simple,

  1. Pre-soak the sponge in the water and let it fully wet.
  2. Squeeze the water out from the sponge. The sponge is still at the wet stage.
  3. Wipe the sponge toward the contaminant location. Always move within the same direction.
  4. Contaminant accumulated at the sponge edge.
  5. Clean the sponge by the soak-n-squeeze procedure.

Dimension and Packaging

The block sponge comes in 1 dimension and individual packing. This is very convenient for user needs.

Dimension: 80*35*120mm
Packing: Wet stage, individual pack.
Colour: White

The PVA block sponge is a durable sponge used in industrial surface cleaning and wiping activity. It has different applications and properties than other household sponges. Feel free to contact DST to understand our products and see how we could help with your cleaning needs.

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