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Chemistry Solution & Detergent

In DST, we believe only dedicate chemistry formulation will achieve better surface quality.  We formulate our own formulation of detergent, surface treatment chemistry and Grinding Coolant for the metal surface cutting industry.

Furthermore, we have a wide range of detergent to fulfill various cleaning challenge.

  1. Detergent

    1. General surface stain removal.
      1. EC Series Surface Cleaning
      2. Turboclean Cleaning Solution
      3. DC Cleaner (De-carbonize Cleaner)
    2. Corrosion Stain Removal
      1. Rust Out Solution (Acidic Base)
      2. Rust Dis-solver Solution (Acid-free)
    3. Paint Removal
      1. Paint Stripper Solution
    4. Cement Splash Removal
      1. Cement Splash Cleanup Solution
  2. Grinding Coolant

    1. Coolfast Coolant

  3. Defoamer

    1. NS Defoamer.  A non-silicone based defoamer.
  4. Surface Treatment: DCP Series

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