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PVA Foam Wiper 210*210*2mm

PVA foam wiper
PVA Foam Wiper

The PVA Foam Wiper comes in white colour nature with the dimension 210*210*2mm(t). Due to the material’s nature, it can fulfil even the stringent surface contaminant wipe process without creating scratches to the cleaned surface.

The foam wiper and block sponge have become a standard selection for many electronic and semiconductor industries. Perhaps, the foam wiper is the only cleaning material that could fulfill the utmost cleaning requirement. Furthermore, the foam wiper characteristic has promoted wider application in the cleanroom for replacing those non-woven cloths.

PVA Foam Wiper maybe the best cleaning commodity to use in the cleanroom.

PVA foam wiper
PVA Foam Wiper

General Introduction about PVA Foam Wiper

The foam wiper makes from the PVA material, polyvinyl alcohol, therefore, it is having similar characteristics as a PVA sponge roller.

The wiper makes in sheet form with 2mm thickness. Whereby the PVA sponge roller comes in a circular roller shape. Hence, the sheet form size becomes a convenience piece for surface wipe and mop.

Sheet Form PVA
Sheet Form PVA Wiper

In addition, the pre-wet and strong elastic characteristic have even made it better for surface contaminant removal. This is because the particulate shall be removed and trapped in the wiper filament without transferring to the environment.

The most important, antistatic and lint-free nature have made it becomes the most appropriate wiping material. Even the cleanroom in the semiconductor industry has used it for wall and apparatus cleaning. Meanwhile, the user could re-washed and reused the wiper for making it more practical in surface cleaning.

Wiper Advantages

The PVA Foam Wiper’s Benefit

The material comes in several advantages, such as

  1. Lint-free and particle free.
  2. It is good in water absorption.
  3. The higher mechanical tensile strength makes it suitable for surface removal.
  4. Soft surface character to avoid surface scratches.
  5. ESD proof material.
  6. Washable and reusable.


The PVA wiper has a wider application, therefore many industries start converting into this wiper in order to improve their overall cleanliness standard. Below are the processes and industries using this wiper.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Semiconductor Industry
  3. Optical Industries
  4. Precision manufacturing with Cleanroom facility

Dimension and Packaging

Wiper dimension: 210*210*2mm (t)
Packing Qty: 5pcs per pack
Stage: Pre-soak in DI water, shipped under the wet stage

In short, many application has shown the advantages to replace Non-Woven cloth to PVA foam wiper. In case you are interested to find out more about the foam wiper, ultimately we are here to work with you. Please do not hesitate to contact DST.

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