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PVA Sponge Application

PVA sponge roller has been widely used in many application such as cleaning process for LCD substrate, hard disc

Spline Type PVA Sponge Roller

PVA Sponge Roller – Spline Type

substrate, PCB board, and the semiconductor wafer surface.  Due to good water absorption characteristics, the PVA sponge roller has also been used to absorb excessive water remain in certain substrates, such as the PCB cleaning process.

PVA roller under the dry stage is hard in physical form, before putting it into use, the PVA roller needs to pre-soak in the water for at least 2 hours before resuming its original design hardness.

One of the main application for PVA sponge roller is scrubbing and dehydrate the clean substance surface.

PVA Sponge Application

Due to the PVA sponge nature, it could be used either in industrial or household applications.  The good water absorption ability and durable strength make the PVA sponge is excellent in surface cleaning processes.

Industrial Use

Many wet cleaning process need PVA sponge to carry out the cleaning activity.  Below are a few industrial processes that use the PVA sponge products.

Scrubbing Machine Install with PVA Sponge Roller

  1. Scrubbing and absorb liquid from the surface of the LCD substrate
  2. Hard Disc Industry for surface cleaning
  3. PCB board cleaning
  4. Photomasks process
  5. Dehydrate tires and mats
  6. Coating of various water-soluble adhesive, antistatic agents, etc.

Household Application

Apart from the industrial applications, the designer has turned the sponge product into a household application. Again, the water absorbability and good water flow through rate have made this product suitable to use in the household washing processes, such as:

  1. Floor mop. The good water absorption rate makes it a good tool to remove access water on the floor.
  2. Chamois towel. It is a sheet foam PVA wiper but cut in various sizes and surfaces texture.
  3. Block Sponge. Mostly seen in car surface cleaning or kitchen cleaning.

Many More PVA Sponge Application

Perhaps PVA sponge has more applications other than the above. PVA sponge materials have explored the possibility in the healthcare medical sectors. Medical is one of the high growth industry and we are seeing more products originate from PVA sponge material.

Unfortunately, DST has not involved much in the medical sectors, so we are unable to reveal more insides. Anyway, we foresee the application of PVA sponge will getting more along the time.

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