EC Series Detergent Overview

The use of detergents has become quite indispensable in our industry. Cleanliness is gaining utmost importance thereby resulting in a number of cleaning products being manufactured.  This has led to a constant rise in the number of cleaning product in our cleaning industry.

Even with a vast variety in cleaning detergent for industry use, we still think that there are rooms for improvement due to the latest technology improvement in material science.

All detergent formulations are engineered with one common purpose, which is removing contaminant from a surface without causing damage on the clean substance.  Because there is a tremendous variety of different contaminant on the clean substance surface, hence we have to develop dedicate formulation detergent to clean up the surface.

EC Series Detergent – Features

EC Series detergent is a liquid form mild-Alkaline base detergent.  This detergent initially develops targeted for aluminum surface cleaning.  With our latest detergent surfactant technology, the EC series cleaning detergent obtain a good cleaning effect even at mild-alkaline condition.

  • Liquid form
  • Mild-Alkaline base
  • High cleaning ability
  • No etching to Aluminum substance
EC Series Detergent – Characteristic

The mild-alkaline base detergent has make EC series most suitable for Aluminum base substance cleaning without causing any pitting effect on the surface.  The EC series detergent also contains both categories for hydrophilic and hydrophobic formulation, which widen the selection for application.

With 3-5% detergent concentration, most of the contaminant could be removed.

EC Series Detergent – Packaging

EC series detergent comes in a simple carry 20kg pail.

DST is expertise in cleaning field application include detergent formulation for removing specific contaminant.  Please write to DST Technology and let us know the contaminant we could work together.

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