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Basic Surface Cleaning Process

Surface cleaning is becoming more critical and stringent in many industries cleaning process, this include wafer surface cleaning process and hard disc drive surface cleaning.  The main objective of surface cleaning is removing small particulate and left over on the substrate surface.  The particulate mainly come from previous process such as abrasive and sludge.

Surface Contaminant Removal

Surface Contaminant Removal

Field engineer is requested to establish a reliable surface cleaning process not only able to remove various kind of particulate but also not creating damage or scratches on the clean-substrate surface.

Dry or Wet Surface Cleaning Process

In most of the semiconductor field, the cleaning process are carried out in wet cleaning process, this is the effective way to remove the contaminant particle without causing scratch on the surface.

A wet surface cleaning is referring to a cleaning process carry out in wet condition, the wet solution could be purified DI water or dedicate detergent.

Mechanical effect in Wet Surface Cleaning Process

PVA Spline Sponge Roller

PVA Spline Sponge Roller

PVA sponge roller is the common product used in wet cleaning process for surface cleaning.  The PVA sponge roller is contributing mechanical force for removing the particle from the surface.  The particle rested on the substrate surface will be pushed away from the surface.  PVA sponge roller should work with detergent or DI water in a wet surface cleaning process.

Field engineer could base on the process requirement for designing various kind of surface structure in order to get the best cleaning result.

Chemical effect in Wet Surface Cleaning Process

Detergent in surface cleaning process contributes as chemical effect on the surface.  SC1 or RCA cleaning solution are the well-known surface cleaning solution used in wafer cleaning process.

The role of cleaning detergent mainly is generating a repulsion surface preventing the particle re-deposit on the substrate surface.


There is many more insight about wet surface cleaning process that we are going to reveal in next few articles.  DST Technology is a company focus in providing total solution of surface cleaning process.  We have the ability to design detergent and also PVA sponge roller surface design for getting best surface cleaning result.

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