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Detergent Formulation Requirement

We have discussed about the fundamental elements field engineer could adopt for setting up precision cleaning technology for cleaned substance.  No matter which cleaning technology is selected, cleaning detergent is a mandatory commodity for cleaning process.



DST Technology is one of the important detergent suppliers in Malaysia.  Through out our detergent formulation and evaluation with our customer, there are several guideline field engineer could consider.

Select detergent Formulation Guideline 1

There is a lot detergent availability in the market but not all the detergent giving the same result, some of the detergent may not be able to give consistent cleaning result but also bringing impact to the product.

Field engineer requires to read the detergent MSDS in details to understand the basic composition.  Ask some sample for thorough test or even performing stress test to ensure the detergent will not affected the product.

Select Detergent Formulation Guideline 2

Some detergent may give a very good cleaning result however the cleaning technique or the process setup window is very narrow.  Within such narrow operating window, field engineer may experience significant result fluctuation.

DST always tested several difference detergent formulation recipe to ensure the detergent could be working fine within an acceptable operating window margin so that field engineer could setup a robust cleaning process.

If the detergent shall be used in dedicated cleaning equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning, high temperature cleaning, please check on detergent Technical Data Sheet to confirm the application.

Select Detergent Formulation Guideline 3

Detergent with aqueous base is always preferable.  An aqueous base detergent is easy to work with other cleaning stencil as well as the PVA sponge roller.  In most of the cleaning process, scrubbing with PVA sponge roller is required in order achieving better cleaning result and PVA sponge roller works fine with aqueous base detergent.

Aqueous base detergent also easy to clean off during the sub sequence cleaning process keep minimize to no residue on the cleaned substance surface.  Field engineer could always test on the IC (ionic contamination) level to justify if the detergent has been fully removed from the cleaned substance.

Select Detergent Formulation Guideline 4

A non hazardous detergent definitely is easier in handling either during transportation or process.  The detergents formulated by DST are classified under Not Dangerous Cargo.  Perhaps most of DST’s detergents are also RoHS compliance.

Checklist for Detergent Selection

Enclose are the checklist whereby field engineer could consider while selecting a detergent for his cleaning process.

  1. Reproducible quality and cleaning result
  2. Flexible yet reliable cleaning system
  3. Cleaning detergent can be easily wash and left no residue
  4. Aqueous base cleaning detergent
  5. Ecological and environmental friendly detergent formulation
  6. Bring no harm to product and production equipment.
  7. No additional safety precautions for applying the detergent

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