Coolfast Grinding Coolant

DST Technology has developed and launched a remarkable grinding coolant, Coolfast Coolant for metal surface machining.  The Coolfast Coolant comes in Series formulation to target difference metal cutting process, this include Titanium, Aluminum, two most challenging metal cutting industry.

Coolfast Grinding Coolant is a formulated to withstand extreme pressure (EP) during the grinding process.  Coolfast is a non-corrosive, anti stain water soluble chemistry which favour for subsequent surface cleaning process.

Advantage Using Coolfast Solution

Coolfast has been proved to obtain positive result with most metal surface cutting process.  These include:

  • Titanium metal
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel alloy

We are seeing a few advantages after apply Coolfast Coolant in grinding process.

  • Clean and less stain mark on metal surface
  • Improve grinding removal ability
  • Better metal surface finishing
  • Extend grinding stone life span
  • Reduce overall production cost

Coolfast Coolant Chemistry

Coolfast Coolant is a phosphate base grinding coolant chemistry which promotes grinding performance.  Coolfast Coolant has been proved to obtain positive result especially use in Titanium and Aluminum grinding process.

The pH neutral working solution allows field engineering to apply it in most grinding process.  Furthermore, Coolfast Coolant has tested comply with RoHS, non-Halogen, Silicone free.

Coolfast Chemistry reference

  • Product name: Coolfast Grinding Coolant
  • State: Liquid form
  • pH: 7.05
  • Liquid colour: Light

Apply Coolfast Coolant in Grinding Process

Field Engineer could dilute Coolfast solution before apply in the grinding process.  Below is the reference for field engineer to start up:

  • Working Solution Concentration: 0.5%
  • Flow rate: 5L/min – 12L/min base on varies Grinding Machine

Coolfast Coolant Packaging

Coolfast coolant is packed in 2 packing method:

  • Pail: 20L per pail
  • Drum: 200L per drum

You are welcome to contact DST to know more about Coolfast Grinding Coolant.