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How to Remove Metal Rust

Rust Dissolver Label
Rust Dissolver – Remove Metal Rust

We had covered the general knowledge about metal rust in previous article, “What is Metal Rust“.  So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to remove metal rust.  Perhaps, in Youtube, I bet you could search million of video clips elaborate how the Youtuber remove the metal rust.

As a chemistry formulation company, DST would like to bring you another perspective about metal rust removal.  In our opinion, we do not believe there is one method suitable for all rust removal.  User has to acquire the basic metal rust removal knowledge so that you could adopt the appropriate action effectively.

Acquire the basic knowledge about removing metal rust so that you could select the appropriate method base on the individual situations.

Remove Metal Rust

Metal Rust on Casing
Metal Rust on Casing

There are many ways for removing metal rust, we conclude the below:

  1. Mechanical method.  a) Scrub with a wire brush; b) Polishing with a sanding sponge or sandpaper
  2. Chemical method.  a) Soak in acidic solution; b) soak in alkaline solution
  3. Both Mechanical and Chemical method.  Combine the above 2 actions.
  4. Special tool cleaningSandblast process, plastic blast, Laser

On many occasions, the user is facing many restrictions while coming to metal rust removal.  Perhaps, the user has to overcome many restrictions, such as space limitation, part irremovable, part location, etc in order to carry out the rust removal activity.

Select the Rust Removing Method

Sanding Sponge
Sanding Sponge – Tool for Remove Surface Rust

Now we understand several rusts removing methods available but how could we select the most appropriate method?  Some users may select the most effective ways whereby some may choose the most economical way.  All are correct but not demonstrate in detail. 

From our perspective, there is another important criterion which we should not omit, which is the work surface.  In other words, while removing a rusty surface, we have to obtain a method that has the minimum impact on the iron surface.

As we learn from the previous section, there are many methods available for rust removal, unfortunately, the respective methods may have an adverse effect on the substrate surface.  For instance, using a sanding sponge to remove an aged utensil surface, the utensil surface will experience a certain level of scratches.  In this case, the user may select the different abrasive sizes of sanding sponges in order to remove the rusty surface.

Select an Appropriate Rust Removing Method

Apart from the mechanical effect, the chemical rust removal also brings various levels of impact to the user.  A user may select an acidic properties solution for removing a rust stain on an iron surface.  The acidic solution will remove the iron oxide effectively unfortunately the acid may also continue to react with the underneath iron alloy.  The continued reaction will further deteriorate the underlying iron alloy.

So far you have learned the method we could select for rust removing as well as the impact on underlying iron alloy.  With this fundamental experience, we believe you already gained the importance concept to remove metal rust effectively.

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