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DST is a company supply PVA sponge roller, foam wiper, sponge block and various detergent for dedicate surface cleaning need. Our product is widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and PCB industry. We are able to participate as long as there is a cleaning need.

Sponge Roller

The PVA sponge is the common material used in the cleaning process. It uses for rubbing and provide friction force to clean the surface better.

The PVA sponge product is a soft but durable sponge material which not scratching the substrate surface.


The detergent will help to improve the entire cleaning process. It wetting effect and surface clean-ability performance promote a better cleaning result.

Apart from the standard detergent, we also provide tailor-made detergent blending. From our experience, only tailor-made detergent could achieve the cleaning result with no trade-off.

Even though PVA sponge roller and detergent are two major DST products categories, but the coverage is broad. You are always welcome to contact DST for your cleaning needs, we are always here to work with you for achieving your requirement.

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