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The PVA Brush

Nodular Roller
Nodular PVA Brush

PVA brush is a general term for sponge product that requires a brushing effect in the cleaning process. Meanwhile, the semiconductor and HDD industries use various designs of PVA brushes in order to achieve surface cleanliness. Since this is a customize PVA sponge, hence it may come in various structures and patterns.

Most of the PVA sponge comes in roller form but the brush design is more complex because of the need for a cleaning process. The development of the PVA sponge involves substantial engineering knowledge, perhaps, this is also the reason not many manufactures supply PVA brushes to the semiconductor cleaning industry.

PVA brush is aimed for improve cleaning performance.

PVA Brush Design

Customer PVA sponge for Cleaning

In DST, we provide customization of PVA sponge products to various industries in Malaysia. For instance, the nodular sponge brush, one of the highly sought brush designs in the CMP process.

After a wafer’s post-CMP process, the substrate surface always covered with a large amount of slurry and debris contaminant. The contaminant could efficiently remove with the combination of mechanical force and detergent reaction. Under this circumstance, an ordinary PVA sponge roller becomes less effective compare to the nodular brush design.

The Brush Advantage

Wastewater Treatment Control Panel
Wastewater Treatment
  1. Increase Mechanical force
  2. Contaminants to escape from the surface.

We develop the nodular structure roller to enhance the cleaning efficiency. The nodule build on the outer layer of the PVA sponge gives a good brushing effect. Meanwhile, space between 2 nodular becomes a gap so that the contaminant could flow out easily during the cleaning process.

The Brush Manufacture

PVA brush is mfg at cleanroom

The customize PVA sponge brush has to manufacture with a dedicated mold. Perhaps, some of the molded sponge has to go through a machining and binding process in order to achieve the final structure. Since this is a customize sponge and process, hence we could only build for order.

Every PVA brush shall go through a comprehensive cleaning process in order to achieve stringent cleanliness requirements. The brush cleaning process comes with the objective of removing impurities inherent in the sponge. Even though the CMP slug is very dirty but we still have to ensure the brush cleanliness so that we do not introduce a new type of contamination into the cleaning process.

The Brush Packaging

The cleaning brush is sealed in a cleanroom before transfer for packaging. Some of the brush product is double-bag with desiccant in between to monitor the sealing condition.

So far, you have learned about the PVA brush and also knowing that the reason why the higher cost for this customize PVA sponge. More important, we will work through the entire process with you so that you could achieve the best cleaning requirement.

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