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Will UV Light cause Degrade on Detergent

UV Light effect

People worry about UV light may degrade the detergent but in most cases, the effect may not be significant. The sunlight supports our life and plants growing, but it also comes along with a certain level of UV light. UV is a kind of solar radiation which accessive amount will bring adverse effect to the […]

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FAQ – Oil Clean Solution

Kitchen Spray Cleaner

Since we launched the 😀most wanted kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, we thank you for your trust and support for our product. Furthermore, we are glad to hear that the Oil Clean Solution really helps you to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free on ☀️the gas stove and ☀️vacuum hood. However, here are some […]

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Kitchen Cleaner Spray Solution

Oil Clean Solution

Oil Clean Solution is an effective kitchen cleaner spray solution. Perhaps, this cleaner becomes a necessity item for those who want to keep a clean kitchen.  Everyone like a cleaner and neat working environment, this principle applies to household living too!  Among the house cleaning items, the kitchen and toilet cleaning would be the 2 […]

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How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen

Cleaned Kitchen

Working in a clean and neat kitchen would be the basic dream for many housewives.  In order to maintain a clean kitchen, we have to keep several cleaning discipline and habit.  Let me share with you some of my understanding of this topic. Setup Your Kitchen Cleaning Checklist We always recommend many users to setup […]

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How to Clean a Gas Stove with Oil Clean Solution

Steps to use Oil Clean Solution

The gas stove is always the place easily cover with various cooking oil stain mark.  How to effectively clean the gas stove has become one of the top priority in order to keep a clean kitchen. Perhaps, keep the kitchen cleaned is the main challenge for many housewives. A dedicate housewife will ask you to […]

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Household Kitchen Oil Cleaner – Oil Clean Solution

Surface Cleaning

Every housewife requires a household kitchen oil cleaner with no exception.  We understand kitchen oil stain remains the highest challenge for many housewives.  Even though housewife has been spending time to clean up their kitchen after every meal, unfortunately, the ordinary detergent is less effective in oil stain remover. No matter how many times she […]

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User Feedback Oil Clean Result

Uses Oil Clean Solution to clean the kitchen oil stain mark. Just a spray and wipe action, the oil stain mark is removed. The newly launched Oil Clean Solution is a dedicated detergent aimed for Malaysia family who is facing a great challenge in removing stubborn oil stain mark in the kitchen. Cleaning the Oil-stained […]

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Choices for Aerial Disinfection

Recently we received many inquiries about aerial disinfection and the disinfectant should be used.  This shows that people are getting more awareness in term of personal hygiene.  Everybody is geared up to fight against the pandemic outbreak.  In general, this is a good sign for showing personal hygiene improvement and we hope that the momentum […]

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What is Metal Rust

Metal rust stain is definitely one of the tedious challenging contaminate which many users are facing.  Many studies have proven that rust will deteriorate the metal properties exponentially.  In order to prolong the metal life span, user has to apply many difference coating to protect the metal being oxidizing. In DST, we have encountered many […]

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How to Remove the Rusty Cable Surface for Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong

Tsing Ma Bridge

There are several famous bridges in Asia, among those; I really admire Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong.  After the year 1997, with the new launch of Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok airport, the Tsing Ma bridge comes into my knowledge. In Malaysia, we always talk about the Penang Bridge, the bridge which inauguration in […]

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