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Choices for Aerial Disinfection

Recently we received many inquiries about aerial disinfection and the disinfectant should be used.  This shows that people are getting more awareness in term of personal hygiene.  Everybody is geared up to fight against the pandemic outbreak.  In general, this is a good sign for showing personal hygiene improvement and we hope that the momentum could be kept for life long process.

There are many articles talking about improving personal hygiene, the article on how to proactively protect an individual for hygiene improvement impressed me a lot as it is precisely stated the fundamental guideline so that we could implement effectively.

In this article, we are focusing on aerial disinfection.  We are going to discuss the choices we have for the respective situation.

What is Aerial Disinfection?

Hand sanitizer is used to remove the bacteria or virus on hand and aerial disinfection is carried out for the purpose for reducing the airborne micro-organism which floating in the environment.


We need to use some dedicate equipment for aerial disinfection, such as:

  1. Fogger.
  2. Mister.
  3. Spray.
  4. Ozone generator.
  5. Ultraviolet disinfection.

The equipment will atomize the water droplet so that the mist could sustain longer in the air.  They will let the mist has a greater probability to hold the contaminant and microorganism before disinfection comes into place.

Look for proper aerial disinfection specializes so that they could advise the suitable equipment to be used for your environment.

Disinfectant Solution Selection

Choose anticeptic method correctly
Disinfection Method

Some of the detergent which we used for hand sanitizing purpose may not be suitable for aerial disinfection.  For instance, we could spray the 75% alcohol on the hand for sanitizing but we should not spray it in the environment because of fire risk.

There are several disinfectants we could apply for aerial antiseptic, this has to be closely considered after understanding the cleaning needs as well as environment layout.  In general, there are a few selections of disinfectants:

  1. EC Disinfectant Tablet.  This is a chlorine dioxide base tablet which very suitable for aerial disinfection. 
  2. Hypochlorous Acid Solution.  This solution provides high oxidant ability, the solution works well in many types of equipment too.

Who Can Carry Out Aerial Disinfection?

There is no limitation or restriction on performing aerial disinfection.  An individual has to select the appropriate equipment and disinfectant product for disinfection purpose.  Perhaps, due to the increase in hygiene needs, much personal use equipment already available in the market, such as fogger for room use, or ozone generator for a car.

Anyway, you have to properly select the equipment and disinfectant solution for aerial disinfection purpose.  Feel free talk to us to understand more about your needs.

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