Essential Plant Oil for Antiseptic Purpose

Learn the Benifits for Essential Plant Oil

There are more than 1000 native plants have been studied and extracted their plant oil for study.  Plant oil could consider as a herbal product has been used to treat various human health problem and this includes the antiseptic purpose.  Perhaps, many nature lovers used essential plant oil for antiseptic purpose, especially during the flu season or epidemic outbreak

Some people may be carrying a small bottle of plant oil in the pocket so that the vaporize oil film will act as a protecting film shield the human body.  Since EC Specialties Supplies is formulating several disinfectant products in Malaysia, such as hand sanitizer spray and EC Disinfectant Tablet, some users are even asking us to compare the difference between those disinfectant products and essential oil.

The Essential Plant Oil Effects

Essential Oil for Antiseptic Purpose

Even though we are not an expert in plant oil, but we have experience since we are blending several plant oils in the formulation of our products.  However, we are using the essential plant oil because of the aromatic needs or preferences.

Plant oil has been proven carry with antiseptic capability for various pathogens and viruses.  The unique fragrance for individual plant oil has inhibited the growth of various infectious diseases.  The fundamental reason is that essential plant oil is a disruptive agent for cell membrane of pathogens causing interruption of cell metabolism and enzyme kinetics.

There are several advantages for essential plant oil:

  1. This is an organic substance which synthesize naturally in respective plant
  2. Complex natural composition up to 60 difference bioactive ingredient within a single plant oil.
  3. Proven antiviral potential for respective plant oil

Essential Plant oil for Anti-bacteria

Even though there is thousands of plant oil available in the market, however, I would like to summarise several common essential plant oil as an alternation for antiseptic purpose.  We do not recommend taking plant oil as a substitution for the drug but rather a supplement to improve our life quality.

Here is the list which of essential oil and its benefits:

  1. Orange essential oil.  Improve personal immune system.
  2. Tea tree oil.  Shows good recovery for wound treatment.
  3. Peppermint Essential oil.  For general anti-bacterial and disinfection purpose.
  4. Pine Oil.  Good for inflammation, soreness and pain relief.
  5. Oregano Essential oil.  Suitable for disruptive RNA and DNA type of viruses.
  6. Lavender Essential oil.  Reduce emotional stress and improve sleeping quality.

Use of Essential Oil in Detergent

So far, we have introduced the basic advantages and benefits for respective essential oil.  In some of our detergent and disinfectant products, we do add in adequate amount of essential oil.  The good and unique aromatic makes our product more distinct from others.

Where the essential oil being use in detergent?

Dettol is a famous hand wash detergent and disinfectant product.  The unique fragrance smell of this product is derived from Pine Oil.  A small percentage of Pine Oil is blended into the surfactant so that the detergent and disinfectant products always carrying a unique fragrance.

Even though we reveal some essential oil could be blended with the detergent solution but we should let this job to be handled by the expert.  We do not recommend individual to carry out any blending job unless you fully understand the chemistry.

The importance of natural and organic plant oil is increasing.  Due to the wide application, bio-chemistry has developed many studies to extract the essential compound of plant oil, and used extracted compound in drug formulation.  This will take some time for clinical examination.

EC Specialty Supplies is a detergent and disinfectant formulation entity, however, we do study the essential plant oil so that our user could make the most benefit from our products.

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