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Oil Clean Solution

Oil CLean Solution, 200ml
Oil Clean Solution, 200ml

Oil Clean Solution is a kitchen spray cleaner specially formulated to clean the household stain mark.  The kitchen is area may cover with an oily stain mark, such as the vacuum hood or exhaust fan.  Oil stain mark used to be very challenging contamination, but with Oil Clean Solution, removing the stain becomes easier and no more a burden.

A housewife may clean the stove after every cooking however, they seldom clean the vacuum hood and exhaust fan due to poor accessibility.  After some time, the oil stain will accumulate and cover the hood, this will lead to harder cleaning.

This kitchen cleaner detergent is formulated for household cleaning applications. Perhaps, it is a must-have kitchen cleaner.

What is Oil Clean Solution?

This is an alkaline-based detergent that will effectively dissolve the oily stain on the surface.  The kitchen cleaner will dissolve the oil stain mark but it will not damage the surface. This kitchen spray cleaner suitable for metal surface, paint surface, plastic surface or even cabinet surface.

The wide tolerate characteristic of the solution makes it becomes very suitable to use in almost every aspect of the kitchen.  Oil Clean Solution is not an ordinary detergent for removing contaminant from the substance surface, it cleans the contaminant area by dissolving stain mark.  The liquefy oil could be easily wiped out or flush away with water.

Oil Clean Solution Summary


You could spray the Oil Clean Solution on oil stain contamination spots or heavy stain mark areas.  We recommend you could use at:

  • Vacuum hood.  Water and oil vapour will be trapped in the vacuum hood especially at the metal filter panel.  Use this kitchen spray cleaner to clean up the oil mark.
  • Stove Surface Cleaning.  The stove is the place always covers with oil smear or film.  No matter you are cleaning the kitchen, there are always some areas you may miss.  Just spray the kitchen spray cleaner on the stove surface and wipe with a wet cloth.  You will see the original appearance of the stove.
  • Stove Rack.  The stove rack is always covered with some spill substance. And those substances may become carbonize after some time.  Spray or soak the stove rack in the solution is the common use strategy in cleaning.
  • Kitchen cabinet.  The Cabinet surface and the handrail may accumulate a layer of oil stain after some time.
  • Cooking Stage.  Spray some Oil Clean Solution on the cooking stage and wipe with fabric for surface contamination removal.
  • Exhaust Fan.  An exhaust fan always accumulates dust and oil.  Spray Oil Clean Solution and let it retain for 10minute in order to obtain the best cleaning result.

How to Use the Detergent?

Wearing PPE Attire

Using this kitchen spray cleaner is pretty straightforward.  However, we recommend the user wear the PPE before application.

Step 1Wearing the basic PPE is always the basic requirement for handling any kind of chemical solution.  Wearing PPE will give basic protection to users.  The PPE refers to

  1. Goggle
  2. Face Shield
  3. Facemask
  4. Glove

Step 2.  After wearing the PPE, turn on the spraying knob on the bottle and spray directly toward the contaminant location.

Step 3.  The user could retain the spray area for several minutes in order to obtain better oil cleaning result. 

Step 4.  Wipe the area with a wet cloth. You will examine the cleaner surface.

We are very proud of the Oil Clean Solution as it helps many families maintaining a neat kitchen environment.  The user could see more about the cleaning result. Talk to DST to understand more about this solution.

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