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User Feedback Oil Clean Result

Oil CLean Solution, 200ml
Oil Clean Solution

Uses Oil Clean Solution to clean the kitchen oil stain mark. Just a spray and wipe action, the oil stain mark is removed.

The newly launched Oil Clean Solution is a dedicated detergent aimed for Malaysia family who is facing a great challenge in removing stubborn oil stain mark in the kitchen.

Cleaning the Oil-stained mark or even grease kind of residue is always a headache moment for many families. With our All-Purpose Oil Clean Solution, keeping a clean kitchen is almost a burden-free effort.

Just with Spray and Wipe action, all kitchen contaminants is removed.

Just spray the Oil Clean Solution on the oil stain mark, wipe with a cloth and you are getting back the bright and clean kitchen surface with hassle-free and relaxing!

What’re the Customers Show Us

The Stove Surface with Oily Smear

The gas stove surface comparison after cleaned with this kitchen spray cleaner. Please read our article about gas stove cleaning.

Stove Surface Befor & After Clean with Oil Clean Solution

The Stove Rack with Burn Food Curry Stain

Stove Rack Befor & After Clean w/ Oil Clean Solution

Cooker Vacuum Hood with aged oil stain

The vacuum hood is always covered with a thick layer of oil stain mark. It is almost an impossible mission for most of the family unless you equip with this kitchen spray cleaner. See how others clean their vacuum hood.

Clean the Kitchen Oil Stain Mark on Vacuum Hood

Kitchen Cabinet Surface with Oil Stain Residue

Kitchen Cabinet Before & After Clean w/ Oil Clean Solution

Staircase Surface with a stubborn stain

Staircase Surface Before & After Clean w/ Oil Clean Solution

Wall Surface with animal shit

Wall Surface Before and After Clean w/ Oil Clean Solution

Exhaust Fan fill with aged oil stain

Many families installed an exahusted fan in the kitchen besides the vacuum hood. The exhaust fan will promote better air exchange in the kitchen area.

In many cases, we also notice a thick oil layer deposited on the metal sheet film. Again, spray the kitchen cleaner and you could experience a clean surface easily.

Exhaust Fan Before and After Clean w/ Oil Clean Solution
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