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Yellow Colour Kitchen Spray Cleaner, Oil Clean Solution

Kitchen Spray Cleaner
Oil Clean Solution

We are very proud to announce the latest version of Oil Clean Solution, a kitchen spray cleaner targeted for kitchen cleaning.  From Sep 2020 onward, we have defined a “yellow” colour for the Oil Clean Solution.

After we launched the Oil Clean Solution to the Malaysia market, we are getting overwhelming complement feedback from our Malaysia users.  Since then, we are planning the upgrade version of Oil Clean Solution.

Oil Clean Solution is specially designed as a kitchen spray cleaner.

Colour code of Oil Clean Solution

The 1st version of the solution is a light milky colour, it is less significant while our user is interpreting it.  Hence, we have decided to change the colour code to Yellow colour, a more distinct and easy to identify the colour.

Some research and testing are carrying out to get the exact colour tuned as we want.  In meantime, the new formulation will also maintain the cleaning ability.  The latest yellow colour solution still remains a very effective detergent for household kitchen cleaner.

Bottle size of Kitchen Spray Cleaner

Oil Clean Solution
1st -version Oil Clean Solution

The Oil Clean Solution packs with 200ml bottle. Base on user feedback; this bottle size is the most convenient size to handle during the household kitchen cleaning or cleaning the gas stove.  Better still, the bottle design is very beautiful and easy for storage too.

During our research, we also have many feedbacks that the Yellow colour solution fits nicely with the bottle and sticker design.

Why New Kitchen Spray Cleaner

The new version of Oil Clean Solution comes in several advantages:

  1. Distinct yellow colour.
  2. Unique 200ml spray bottle.
  3. Dissolve kitchen oil stain mark within 5 sec.
  4. Direct application. Just spray the detergent on to the contaminant.
  5. Decent smell but not irritate smell.
  6. Less foam version
Bubble on the Spray Surface
Bubble on the Spray Surface

We formulate this kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, a target for household kitchen cleaning purpose. This solution is very suitable for kitchen contaminants especially removing the oil stain mark.

As our cooking behaviour, many oil stain mark will deposit on the kitchen surface without our notice.  The layer of thin oil film will favour adhering more contaminants without our notice.  Furthermore, the mixture of contaminant and oil stain make the dirty area become hard to remove with ordinary cleaning detergent.

In conclusion, with this new kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, we can clean the kitchen contaminant easily.  This is the right moment to use and experience the advantages of this solution.

You can buy from EC Clean’s Lazada shop or just Whatsapp EC Clean our customer service representative will contact you right away.

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