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Mold Cleaning Methods

Various Rubber Products

In this article, we are going to outline several mold cleaning methods which commonly seen in the industry. There are various way to clean up the contaminant mark on the mold, in general, we could classified by mechanical or chemical way or both. Among the methods, chemical way is the common method as it is an effective way for removing contaminant on the rubber mold.

There are various of contaminant exist on the rubber mold, such as grease, light rust, rubber residue, burn mark or carbon trace. Meanwhile, during mold cleaning, we want the mold surface is kept in good condition. It is getting more challenge when things get mix up.

Alkaline liquid is a popular solution for rubber mold cleaning in Malaysia.

Mechanical Way for Mold Cleaning

Rubber Mold
A Cleaned Rubber Mold

Sand blast, polishing or mechanical scrubbing are mold cleaning methods via mechanical way. User has to select the suitable method after examine the contaminant situation as well as the impact to the mold. Let see the difference for individual method.

Sand Blast. A very effective method for removing tick layer or rust. But could only carry out in a confine area with dedicate tools. Carbon dioxide, CO2 blasting is the advance method which able to achieve cleaner surface without impacting too much on the metal substrate surface. The cleaner company is using this method to remove the rust on the Hong Kong Tsing Ma Bridge.

Mechanical Scrubbing. This is a coarser way for removing the metal surface. Normally use to remove heavy rust at open area. There are various of metal brush available in the market, such as twist wire brush, wire brush or the lapping stone.

Surface Polish. Surface polishing is mainly a way which want to do on the small area. By selecting difference abrasive, for achieving an acceptable surface finishing.

Chemical Methods for Mold Cleaning

Chemical Solution – Degreaser

Apart from the mechanical method, we come to chemical way for contaminant removing on mold surface. As we discuss earlier, most of the contaminant on the mold are grease, material residue as well as some accumulate contaminants. Choosing the appropriate chemical may helps in removing the contaminant effectively.

Perhaps, most of the industrial user will consider chemical solution for the 1st choice before they go for mechanical blasting or scrubbing.

Rubber Mold Cleaner. This cleaner is developed mainly targeted for rubber mold clean up. Not only the solution will effectively remove the contaminant on the mold but also perceive the metal mold without damaging it.

Degreaser. Effectively remove the grease and oil surface is the main role for the degreaser solution. The degreaser will dissolve the oil mark and make it favourable in removing from the metal mold.

The Combination of Mechanical and Chemical Methods

Something, the contamination removing result will becomes more significant if we could mix both cleaning method. For most cases, we are introducing a scrubbing force on the area after apply with the chemical solution. Or put it simple, use nylon brush to scrub the metal surface.

Choose the appropriate mold cleaning method for achieving better result.

There are always many other ways for removing the contaminant on a mold. As a cleaner development company, we are launching many other cleaning detergent as per the industrial needs. This also provides the field engineer has many other choices for mold cleaning.

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