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The Natural Black Lava Stone and PVA Foam Cube

The Lava Stone for Aquarium Lover

Comparing the natural black lava stone and the PVA foam cube. Some of the aquarium lover are using lava stone to cultivate the microorganism in the water. This is very similar application by using the PVA foam cube in the wastewater treatment industry.

We purposely get a pack of the lava stone from one of the Malaysia e-commerce seller. Even though the seller is supplying gardening consumable, but the lava stone is vastly used at aquarium. By visual, the black colour natural stone form an unique morphology whereby there is no identical with each other. Furthermore, we also do some physical and performance comparison.

Is lava stone provides better environment for cultivate microorganism?

Lava StonePVA Foam Cube
PatternUnique morphologyIdentical square structure
Pore SizeIrregular sizelarge and uniform
SurfaceCoarseOpen pore
IngredientNatural SilicatePVA Material
Main ApplicationAquarium tank decoration
Gardening landscape
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Future Dev.Microorganism cultivation Industry
The Lava Stone and PVA Foam Cube Comparison

The Black Lava Stone

Black lava stone comparison

The lava stone is an organic substance which originate from the gravel. It consists of large amount of silica mineral. The mineral may varies as it very much depend on the location. So to speak, the stone comes in difference physical, and none are the same.

The lava stone looks dry and grey in colour while we receive. After soaking in the water, the stone turn wet and dark. Perhaps, I love the crispy dark appearance on this stone surface.

The Foam Porous Structure and Coarser Surface

PVA Foam Cube
PVA Foam Cube

We all agree the coarser and some hole structure on the stone look very similar to the porous structure on the foam cube. Unfortunately, they are not the same. Even though the stone is an organic substance but the overall pore amount is much lesser if compare with the PVA foam cube.

The pore on a quality foam cube is much more uniform in term of size and quantity. The water freely flow through the foam cube and the microorganism is having tendency attaching on the wall surface more eaily. Furthermore, the PVA foam cube will become the food bank for the microorganism.

My Choice

No doubt, the PVA foam cube is a much more suitable substance for growing microbial. The porous size and structure provides the best carrier and the foam substance becomes the food bank. You could observe the effect via

  • Foam cube colour changes
  • Film attached on outer layer

On the other hand, we do believe the coarser lava stone should be another carrier for microorganism but the microbial growing speed is much more lesser. However, the lava stone could become a suitable ornament for your aquarium tank.

The black lava stone shall be a good ornament substance for your aquarium tank.

In case you are an aquarium lover who has been using the lava stone for some time, we love to listen your feedback and experience shared.

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