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Remove Water Stain Mark on the Glass Surface

Remove Water Stain Mark
Remove Water Stain Mark

The water stain mark on the glass surface is so annoying. We observed many outer glass surface on the commercial building covered with some mark, and those mark is so obvious that sometime it resembles as a skin decease on human body. In most cases, those as the glass stain mark.

The cleaner has to acquired technique with the helps of Glass Cleaner in order to remove the water stain mark. Perhaps, the ordinary glass cleaner seems like no effect on removing the stain mark.

The removal of glass water stain mark is only feasible via dedicated glass cleaner.

What is Glass Water Stain Mark

Silica is the main ingredient of glass substrate. This transparent, dense and hard characteristic of glass substrate is brittle but resistance to chemical. You can see many building is using glass panel as the outer wall so that it allow more natural light into the building.

In practical, there is always some coating on the glass surface, such as anti-corrosion or anti reflection coating. The coating film is a thin layer cover on the glass surface. Even though the glass substrate is chemical resistance unfortunately the coating layer prone to wear and tear after expose to the environment.

Glass Corrosion Mechanism

The wear and tear on the coating film appears as water stain mark to the glass surface. A rigorous environment such as large temperature fluctuation or expose to acidic rain, the coating becomes much easy to corrode in certain extend.

Furthermore, the dirt contaminant is easier to accumulated on the corroded spot and this further makes the stain mark becomes obvious.

Removed of Water Stain Mark

Once the stain mark occur, it is kind of irreversible process. From microscopic perspective, the stain mark is a micro corrosion on the glass surface. Even though a damage already occur on the glass surface, but cleaning the surface not only extend the glass life span but also even out the corroded spot.

We have to carry out several steps in order to thoroughly clean up the water stain mark.

  • Step 1. Apply detergent on the glass surface.
  • Step 2. Perform manual scrubbing.
  • Step 3. Introduce protection layer on the glass surface.

Glass Cleaning Detergent and Scrubbing Abrasive

Glass is a hard material, it consists of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate. The acid base Glass Cleaner shall be the most suitable solution for removing the stain mark on the alkaline based glass.

The detergent will remove the contaminant on the glass surface. Meanwhile, the acidic solution will also mildly etch the stain mark and make it less distinct from appearance. After the glass cleaning, the user shall scrub the glass surface with some polishing abrasive. This is to ensure the hard stain and the stain mark boundary could be removed.

Get the appropriate Glass Cleaner and Scrubbing Abrasive in order to remove the water stain mark effectively.

In order to fulfill the commercial needs, DST develops the glass cleaner as well as the glass scrubbing abrasive. These combination products become the very effective combination on removing the water stain mark on the glass surface.

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