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Clean the Bathroom Wall Panel

Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner

The bathroom wall panel or tile is easily build up with dirt and grime after some time of use. The grime is getting harder to clean up after the grime dry out. The similar grime mark may also build up at the bathroom glass area. Unfortunately, an ordinary detergent or soap may not be adequate for cleaning up the grime on the wall panel. In this case, you need the Surface Cleaner from DST.

Plastic wall panel, tile and glass are getting popular and aesthetically pleasing in current bathroom design. However, an accumulated dirt mark on the surface is definitely ruin the overall aesthetic layout. Hence, it is always a good habit to wipe clean the surface after individual used or at least once per week. This is to prevent the mould and grime build up on the surface.

Spray the EC Clean Surface Cleaner on the bathroom wall panel and follow with a easy wipe.

How to Clean the Bathroom Wall Panel?

The panel cleaning job turn pretty easy with the Surface Cleaner. Just with some common consumable and the Surface Cleaner, the grime shall be removed with wiping. Below are the reference steps.

Dirty Bathroom Floor
  1. Prepare some cleaning consumable, a scrubbing pad and a Surface Cleaner.
  2. Spray the Surface Cleaner toward the grime. Give additional spray in case you are seeing the cleaner is dripping away.
  3. Wetting the scrubbing pad
  4. Wipe the grime with the scrubbing pad
  5. Rinse the wall panel with clean water.
  6. Repeat from Step 2 if needed.

You are right, with the Surface Cleaner, removing the dirt or grime mark on the bathroom wall panel would be very easy. There are no need of overflow bubble, warm water or even a forceful wipe in order to clean up the area.

Cleaner for Bathroom Wall

Cleaned Tile in Wash Room

In industrial cleaning sector, the cleaner selection always requires a massive knowledge in the material differentiation. However, the cleaner for bathroom wall cleaning is much more straight forward. The EC Clean Surface Cleaner is suitable for the below common wall materials commonly see in bathroom.

  1. Tile Surface
  2. Mosaic Surface

This dedicate formulated Surface Cleaner has showed a good cleaning result for removing the dirt and grime on the bathroom wall.

The Surface Cleaner

The Surface Cleaner has more than just wipe clean the bathroom panel. It could be adopted in many others surface cleaning. The alkaline based solution makes it suitable not only on plastic panel but also on metal or tile surface.

A bottle of EC Clean Surface Cleaner shall achieve a better cleaning surface.

This cleaner could be used as a general household cleaning. Get a bottle of Surface Cleaner and uses it to clean bathroom wall panel. You shall experience an ever clean and neat feeling with just a simple spray and wipe actions.

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