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A colourful PVA Sponge

PVA Sponge Dye With Various Colour
PVA Sponge Dye With Various Colour

Many have wondered about the PVA sponge colour, this is because we always see white colour sponge. Perhaps, this is the common colour used in the industrial cleaning process. In reality, this is not true.

Internally, we have specially dyed the PVA sponge into several colours, such as pink, blue and green colours. So, all the colours deliver a good and attractive eyeball. However, the coloured sponge is targeted at the household or consumer market.

The truth is that a PVA sponge colour could vary based on user preferences.

White Colour PVA Sponge

PVA block sponge
White Colour PVA block sponge

In industrial applications, the entire industry is using white colour codes. The white colour sponge gives the user a clear indicator especially the sponge get contaminated throughout the cleaning process. The white colour code is used in all our PVA sponge products, this includes the PVA sponge roller, foam wiper, block sponge and even the PVA sponge brush.

Below are two common scenario for the advantages for white colour sponge.

The Sponge Turn Dark. The white colour sponge will turn grey and darker throughout the cleaning process, this indicates the contaminant is accumulated in the sponge. The sponge has to go for exchange while reaching a certain level of threshold.

The Sponge Turn Yellowish. The user could easily differentiate the snow-white sponge turn yellowish. The sponge turns yellowish while it gets aged, it also an indicator showing the sponge performance is deteriorating.

Houshold Sponge

A coloured PVA sponge is more common, especially in the household or consumer applications. For instance, the sponge used in floor wiping car cleaning. The sponge will purposely dye into blue or other colours. Unfortunately, the colour is less attractive or fresh looking.

We have a very limited PVA sponge that dyes into other colours. PVA towel is one of our products that comes with colourful series. PVA towel is a towel normally seen in a swimming pool. Under these circumstances, we specially dye the towel with a vivid colour which will attract the eyes ball.

The PVA sponge colour we choose is a blue, orange and green colour. All are my favourite colour during the summer.

The Colour Dye

In personal application, many prefered colour sponge. Perhaps, catching eyeball vivid colour becomes the priority.

The Colour dying technique becomes the fundamental technique for manufacturing quality and colourful PVA sponges. The colour dye in the PVA sponge has to be securely held throughout the product life span. We accept a small level of colour fade but generally our colour sponge will hold up for a long time.

There is a wide variety of PVA sponge colours. Kindly let the sponge manufacturer aware of the colour you need and we are very sure they should be able to fulfil your needs.

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