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Industrial PVA Sponge Roller

Long  Industrial Sponge Roller
Long Industrial Sponge Roller

An industrial sponge roller could be much longer and larger in diameter. So far the PVA sponge roller looks in decent size, something like 50mm diameter with a length of 400-600mm. But throughout our working experience, some industries may need a larger size of sponge rollers. The larger size sponge could be 1.5m in length.

The manufacturer of this large size industrial sponge roller could be a great challenge to us. We need to have a total difference facility in order to carry out the processes.

In DST, we have expanded our capability to cover the large industrial use PVA sponge roller.

The Large Size Sponge Roller

In DST, we classified a PVA sponge roller with a length exceeding 800mm as long size sponge roller. In most cases, those sponge rollers also come with 100-200mm diameter. This makes the sponge roller looks large compare to the ordinary sponge roller.

Most of the industry use sponge roller comes in 400-600mm in terms of length. But in certain industries, the process requires a much larger sponge. In some industrials, such as the tyre manufacturer, the tyres are larger in size hence they need a larger sponge roller to remove the excess water which stays on the surface.

The Sponge Roller Fabrication

Long PVA Sponge Roller
Long PVA Sponge Roller

The fabrication of a larger PVA sponge roller is totally different from the ordinary sponge. Perhaps, the process difference is huge.

  1. Process. The large size comes in a larger volume. We have to come out with a larger material blending tank so that it is sufficient to fill up the entire sponge.
  2. Material handling. The sponge roller is big and we have to get 2 people to transfer the sponge roller within the process.
  3. Cleaning. The final cleaning sponge cleaning becomes critical as we want to wash out the contaminant as much as we could.
  4. Packing. There is no standard packing box which able t pack this large sponge roller, hence we have a creative way to pack the sponge roller.

In order to set up the ability for manufacturing a larger sponge roller, we are almost like setting up a new facility and tools in order to accomplish the job effectively.

Customize Sponge Roller

The design of the large sponge roller could be very unique too! In order to accomplish a unique surface removal requirement, we do come across some requirements for engraving certain patterns and grooves on the sponge roller. Basically, the user wants to increase the waterway to promote surface cleaning performance.

Even though it is very challenging to customization on this large sponge roller, but so far we are making this to fulfil customer needs. Please do not hesitate to contact DST if you have the need for those large size industrial PVA sponge rollers.

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  3. MS LEE says:

    PVA Sponge Roller
    Size : 25mm OD x 6mm ID x 4″ (L)
    Qty : 9 pcs

    Note : Roller sponge goes through glue & absorbs glue application.

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