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The PVA Sponge Supplier in Malaysia

No doubt, DST is one of the PVA sponge suppliers in Malaysia. Even though PVA sponge is widely used in many industries unfortunately there are only sponge suppliers, this is due to not many users being able to differentiate the PVA sponge material.

In general, PVA sponge rollers are one of the common products in a wet cleaning process. The white colour sponge or foam products used in a cleaning process is most likely belongs to the PVA sponge.

Capable of technical experience and knowledge is the upmost important criteria to becomes a PVA sponge supplier in Malaysia.

Variety of PVA Sponge & Brush

PVA sponge Products
PVA sponge Products

DST supplies various kinds of PVA sponge products to the market, such as

  • Sponge Roller
  • PVA Brush
  • Foam Wiper
  • PVA Block Sponge
  • Others

Even though all of the sponges come in different applications, but they are all using in the wet cleaning process. For instance, the PVA Brush is the special design of a PVA sponge that serve for surface cleaning. The design of the sponge is served to achieve certain cleaning criteria.

As long as you are having a wet cleaning process, there is a high possibility you are using one of the PVA sponge products within the process.

Sponge Supplier

PVA sponge supplier products
PVA sponge supplier products

We have been in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years. There are several strengths we have shown to the market.

Technical Support. Most of the sponge suppliers are originated from China sellers, whereby they are providing very limited technical support. In the industry application, users may encounter some situations that they need technical support for better product selection.

Product Customization. DST provides a PVA sponge product customization service. Even with small quantities, such as low as 10pcs, we could customize base the Industrial PVA sponge roller base on your dimension requirements. The customization is actually giving our users so that they could evaluate the PVA sponge roller into their process.

Knowledge Coverage. The user actually requires more than a PVA sponge roller. We have strong knowledge of the cleaning industry whereby we know the combined effect between the PVA sponge roller and commercial cleaning detergent. We could work with customers to achieve a better cleaning result.

Special Design of PVA Sponge

Larger in Sponge Dimension

Household PVA Sponge
Household PVA Sponge

The PVA sponge could make in many styles, and the roller type is the most common design. Many customers choose the roller type design as it fulfils many application needs. The roller type seems simple at first glance. However, some of the industrial PVA sponge rollers come in more than 1 meter in length and 150mm in diameter which becomes a challenge in sponge manufacturing. One of our strengths in DST is supplying the long PVA roller.

Special in Form Design

Besides the industrial application, the PVA sponge mop is one of the applications introduced into the household market likes 30 years ago. Currently, more PVA sponge products are introduced in the consumer market, such as the PVA towel which spin-out from the PVA foam wiper. As a PVA sponge supplier, we expect marketers to introduce much more consumer PVA sponge products to the household market.

Furthermore, we are working with many companies on developing dedicated PVA foam designs for their individual process. The involvement in many engineering projects has given us a better position as a PVA sponge supplier in Malaysia.

Remember to talk with us about your needs. And as a PVA sponge supplier in Malaysia, DST is ready and able to support the SME industry in Malaysia.

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