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Dish Sponge for Household Cleaning

We use dish sponges every day but have you ever think about selecting a quality sponge product? Besides the sponge has to fit into household cleaning or dish cleaning, but what else we should consider while selecting a cleaning sponge?

Unlike industrial cleaning, the field engineer has determined several criteria for the cleaning process. This is to ensure the cleaning process has fulfilled several cleaning parameters in terms of reliability and repeatability. However, the household cleaning would be more subjective and human dependant. In most cases, a housewife will decide to a purchase dish sponge base on an intuitive impression.

The Dish Sponge Selection

Dish Sponge Comparison
Dish Sponge Comparison

In most cases, branding, cost, and first impression always denominate the household consumable purchase. Unfortunately, these 3 judgments are very subjective that may lead us to underperform household products. We did perform a comparison between the PVA block sponge and other sponges. So in this article, we want to reveal some of the dish sponge selection criteria so that our reader could make the selection wisely.

What we aspects of Dish Sponge?

We use dish sponge for most of the cleaning job in the kitchen. There are a few criterion which we want to achieve.

  1. Able to hold up dishwashing liquid.
  2. Soft material to ensure no scratches on the cleaned substance surface.
  3. Reliable to withstand the scrubbing force.
  4. No bacteria grow and odor.
  5. No sponge debris fallout from the cleaning material.

Among the above criteria, the growth of bacteria always a great challenge that we have overlooked. The cleaning sponge or cloth is always wet in condition, furthermore, they have to get in contact with the organic clean substance. These conditions have to lead to easy bacteria growth.

Through our comparison study, we find out the PVA foam wiper is a better material as the wiper foam is more forgiving in bacteria growth.

Why PVA Sponge Wiper has better bacteria grow resistance?

As we know, the organic substance and moisture environment are the 2 conditions for promoting bacteria growth. Even though the foam wiper comes with a tiny pore, but the interconnecting open pore structure promotes a better water flow. This makes the organic contaminant is easy to flush out from the wiper with just a few squeeze.

The cleaned foam wiper could then hang on a rack for quick drying. You are not necessary to hang the wiper under the hot sun, just hang the wiper on any rack that is good for drying. This is the reason we are seeing the advantage of using foam wiper as a dish wash sponge.

Dirty Dish Sponge
Dirty Dish Sponge

What do you use for dishes cleaning?

Before answering this question, you could just walk over to the kitchen cleaning basin and see what is out there. Through the feedback we have, there are several common dishes cleaning substances from cloth to sponge to even the loofahs. Moreover, most of the above materials have been used for months! Distortion, deformation is there.

Perhaps, you may also find out some dark colour spots on the sponge. This could be the strong evidence of mold grow on the sponge. Moreover, there is an article from New York Times reminding us about the dirty sponge.

With scrutiny observation, you may also find out some debris coming out from your existing sponge. And these are all the reasons showing you have to change the dishwashing sponge immediately. The aged and contaminated sponge is actually having a high tendency to cross-contaminate your dish and kitchen utilities.

Next time while you are having the opportunity to do dishwashing, check out the dish sponge condition and find out how well it works with the cleaning job.

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