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PVA Sponge Roller Cleanliness Concern

PVA Sponge Brush Use in HDD Process

PVA Sponge Brush Uses in HDD Process

PVA sponge roller is the common cleaning commodity used in many cleaning processes, ensure the PVA sponge roller cleanliness becomes more critical in recent cleaning needs.  DST understand customers’ need and supplying quality PVA sponge roller becomes our primary goal through-out our organization.

Basic of PVA Cleaning Process

Our PVA sponge roller all clean in our standard cleanliness process.  We are very sure in order to achieve a quality cleaning result, we have to establish a reliable cleaning process.  Our cleaning process includes:
1. DI Water.  Our PVA sponge roller is cleaned with our 18MOhm DI water.
2. Cleaning Machinery.  We have developed our own cleaning machine for sponge cleaning process.
3. Clean room cleaning environmental.  All our PVA sponge is cleaned at Class100 clean room environment.

PVA Sponge Roller Cleaning Result Monitoring

Through-out the years, we have developed an effective cleaning result monitoring.  We are using IC tester as our sponge cleanliness monitoring tool.  Our sponge will send for IC test, this is to ensure all the residual in the sponge has been fully removed and maintained at a very low level.

Besides the IC tester, we do have a Liquid Particle Counter (LPC), we are using the LPC to monitor various particle size quantity leach out from the sponge.  With both IC tester and LPC tester, we are able to monitor our sponge cleanliness quality.

Critical Material Not Allow in our Process

We have many years working with various industry, we know there are several materials which are totally not acceptable by the industry.  While other still struggling on finding the appropriate substitution, in DST, we are very sure these 2 materials are not allowed in our process.  We are confident to say that our product is

This is because we know that it will become very challenging in order to remove silicone oil and Amide in the cleaning process.

Water Treatment Process

Maintain a quality PVA sponge roller product is the important criteria in order to get more customers; however, we need to comply with the environmental friendly process for sustaining in the industry.  We have established up to standard wastewater treatment plant to show our commitment.

In PVA sponge roller process, it needs to consume high water usage.  There are many contaminants in the wastewater, and Formaldehyde residue is most critical for disposal.  Instead of direct discharge the wastewater, we drained the wastewater to our wastewater treatment plant for primary contaminant treatment.  The treated wastewater will further hand over to outsource secondary wastewater treatment plant for disposal.

Till now, you should have a basic understanding of our effort for supplying a PVA sponge roller product complies with stringent cleanliness requirement.  We are working from various aspects in order to ensure our sponge cleanliness and make it a sustainable process to the cleaning industry.

You are welcome to leave us you’re thought about cleanliness requirement and we are trying our best to answer your needs.

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