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Chemical Route of Entry to Body

Complete set of PPE Attire

Understand the chemical route of entry to our body is the first awareness we have to learn. This is the lesson 101 in order to protect ourselves from letting the chemical going into our body and cause damage.

This awareness is to protect ourselves not only during handling hazardous material but also ordinary substance. We could also educate the chemical handler to ensure they equip with the basic knowledge in chemical handling.

Understand the chemical route of entry to our body is the awareness we should have for all chemical handler.

Wearing the appropriate PPE attire

In DST, we are formulating detergents with various kind of chemistry formulation. Even though we are formulating many kinds of detergent formulation but the protection guideline are always the same, protect ourselves from letting the chemical go inside our body to cause damage.

As a professional industry detergent supplier, we always emphasized wearing the important of PPE attire during handling our detergent solution. In many cases, many users have overlooked and under estimated the damage.

Away from Chemical Route of Entry

Chemical Route of Entry to Body
Chemical Route of Entry to Body

We have to educate the chemical handler about the chemical route of entry into our body. In general, there are several ways the chemical may go into our body.

  1. Inhalation. This is the most common negligence area. Mist is one of the way the chemical being discharged into the air. Excessive inhalation the mist into our body may cause damage to our respiratory system and lung. Prolong intake may also causing damage to liver too.
  2. Absorption or Contact. The chemical come into our body via skin or eyes. Handling the chemical with bare hand is exposed ourselves for letting the chemical into the body from the skin.
  3. Oral intake. Even though some of the chemistry is non-toxic, but it should not be orally intake as the chemical is not food. Perhaps, most of the chemical label printed with “away from children“. This is basically to avoid the chemical being unintentionally orally intake by mouth.

How to Protect Ourselves from Chemistry Damage

Select appropriate PPE attire is always the best solution while handling the chemical solution. Many of the industry injuries on human body because user has overlooked the potential damage on our body.

There are 3 approaches for us to enforce the industry safety operation in our working area,

  1. Identify the potential risk at our work place.
  2. Company Command.
  3. Educate the consequences.

In general, below is the simple guideline on wearing PPE attire.

Wear mask to avoid chemical mist inhalation.
Dress on apron and rubber glove to avoid skin contact.
Put on eye goggles to away from eye injury from chemical splash.
No eating or drinking while handling chemical solution.

Industrial safety is always a great challenge for factory who handle chemical solution. Understand the chemical route of entry to body is the primary awareness, it becomes the knowledge to select appropriate PPE attire. Furthermore, this awareness also helping us to protect ourselves from chemical injury.

Let works together toward a sustainable working environment. Kindly contact DST if you want to further assure the safety on handling our chemical.

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