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Why Choose Silicone Free Defoamer

Foam surface
Foam Surface

We launch the first silicone free defoamer, NS Defoamer, for Malaysia market. Unfortunately, mostly are silicone based defoamer in Malaysia market. The industrial requires silicone free product whereby the NS Defoamer has covered up this missing piece of defoamer availability in the market.

Silicone free is always one of the fundamental challenge in many industrial cleaning process. Many commodities include detergent, mold release agent come in silicone free. Unfortunately, there are not many choices for defoamer selection, especially for silicone free defoamer. Hence, we are putting up our effort to develop this non-silicone based defoamer.

The silicone free defoamer is meant for the industrial requires highest process contamination control.

Why Silicone becomes a challenge

In the semiconductor industry, the product always requires to perform stringent cleaning process to fulfill the cleanliness requirement. Unfortunately, most of the cleaning process is inefficient to remove the silicone contaminant effectively. Furthermore, the silicone residue on the product surface may cause failure for the sub-sequence process. For instance, 1/3 of the soldering failure is due to silicone contaminant on the surface.

Foam cluster

Under this circumstances, preventing silicone and it byproduct getting on the product surface becomes the major priority in the industry. Unfortunately, we are surrounded with many products which may cause silicone contamination such as lubricant oil, mold release agent, tapes and also the defoamer. So, the field engineer has to be super alert while come into commodity selection especially those going to get contact with the product.

Process Area requires Silicone Free Defoamer

Defoamer is one of the commodity which being neglected in the industry. In the bubble management article, soap and surfactant will cause the foam. However, we could spray some defoamer on the foam surface in order to collapse the raising foam before it is overflowing. There are 2 major areas always requires defoamer:

  1. The waste water treatment plant.
  2. Sewerage system in the process area.

In general, the bubble will burst out naturally if we leave the foam as is. This is because the bubble is a confine air area trapped by a thin water film. The water will affect by the gravity and making the wall thickness becomes thinner especially at the upper portion. Eventually, the water film wall will become too thin for holding up the trap air, then cause the bubble burst!

What Special About Defoamer

Unfortunately, life is short and field engineer comes with no patient to allow the foam to break out naturally. Hence, we need a defoamer to break out the bubble instantly. While we perform a defoamer searching the market, he notice the scarcity for silicone free defoamer in the Malaysia market.

The field engineer could spray the defoamer against the foam in order to burst the foam instantly. In other hand, engineer could set up an auto dispenser line. Perhaps, this is a common strategy uses in foam overflow sewage system.

DST knows the challenge in our industry and we put up a task force to overcome this challenge. This is why we launched the NS Defoamer. With this Silicone Free Defoamer, the field engineer shall equips with more selection for improving the surface cleanliness.

The NS Defoamer is helping you working toward silicone free in your process.

The foam breaking mechanism is totally difference for silicone free defoamer. We have designed this defoamer with the first principle concept in mind. Even though this may not be the best silicone free defoamer that ever had before but we will continuous working on this product. Feel free contact DST to understand more about the NS Defoamer.

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