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The Advance Biochip MBBR Media


The PVA sponge’s unique characteristics have positioned it as an advanced media for MBBR biochip substrates. In our earlier blog, PVA Sponge Cube for Developing Biofilm, we had reviewed the mechanism of biofilm formation. In this article, let’s delve into why this shift has been occurring in industrial effluent treatment. The MBBR substrates have a […]

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PVA Sponge Cube for Developing Biofilm

In wastewater treatment process, many use PVA sponge cube for promoting to develop biofilm. The biofilm is a by-product that develops throughout the microbial growth process. Freely dispersed microorganisms in a water solution cannot form a biofilm unless they are residing on a static surface, such as a PVA sponge cube. The presence of a […]

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