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Household Kitchen Oil Cleaner – Oil Clean Solution

Oil Clean Solution 200ml

Every housewife requires a household kitchen oil cleaner with no exception.  We understand kitchen oil stain remains the highest challenge for many housewives.  Even though housewife has been spending time to clean up their kitchen after every meal, unfortunately, the ordinary detergent is less effective in oil stain remover.

No matter how many times she clean their kitchen, there are still several spots which she is unable to access every day.  Those oil stain mark will start accumulated after several days and it makes the cleaning job even tougher.

We proudly present EC brand Oil Clean Solution, this kitchen oil remover spray will tremendously ease the kitchen oil stain remover and makes it almost effortless.

Common Oil Stain Accumulate Location

Where Are the Kitchen Oil Stain Occur

Oil stain could be almost everywhere.  Gas stove and vacuum hood are the 2 majors location covered with stubborn stain.  The evaporated oil vapour will stick on the surface within a minor amount, however, the oil film will become a very good source to stick others contaminants.  Meanwhile, the thin oil film will start to accumulate from time to time.  While you notice the oil stain mark, the film already very thick and becomes stubborn to remove.  Some oil stain mark even evaporates bad smell.

Here are a few common spots for accumulate oil film:

  1. Vacuum hood surface
  2. Exhaust fan
  3. Gas stove surface
  4. Kitchen wall
  5. Kitchen handle

How to Remove the Oil Stain

A housewife may have already purchased household cleaning spray from nearby hypermarket, unfortunately, most of the cleaner is less effective.

EC Brand Oil Clean Solution is a specially formulate kitchen cleaner for removing stubborn kitchen oil stain.  This Oil Clean Solution shows remarkable result regardless it is a newly develop oil film or aged-oil stain mark.

Housewife just has to spray the Oil Clean Solution against the stubborn oil stain, once the cleaner get in touch with the stain, it will liquefy the stain.  Housewife just has to take a cloth and mop the liquated area.  For thick and stubborn oil stain mark, we may have to repeat several times for total removal.

After the stain mark being removed, used a wet cloth to clean up the surface

How to Handle Household Kitchen Oil Cleaner

Wear appropriate PPE for full protection

Oil Clean Solution is a kitchen oil stain remover comes in a spray bottle.  It is very convenient because housewife could direct apply the solution to clean-up the kitchen with less to no burden.

Oil Clean Solution is an alkaline solution with no irritation smell.  The alkalinity is very close to common bleach solution.  If it gets contact with your skin, you will have a slippy feel, you have to flush with plenty of water in order to clean up the skin.

Even though the solution comes with non-irritate smell, inhale and eating are prohibited.  In case you suspect your eyes get contact with the solution, please flush with water for at least 15min before consult a doctor.

In order to make kitchen cleaning more effective and easy, our Oil Clean Solution comes in a standard kit form.  The kit includes:

  1. Oil Clean Solution 200ml – 1 spray bottle
  2. Face mask – 5pcs
  3. Face shield – 1pc
  4. Glove – 3 pairs
  5. Cleaning Cloth – 1pc

We expect our user could make use all components from this kit while cleaning their kitchen oily spot.  With proper PPE and preparation, we believe you will fully make use this household kitchen oil cleaner to clean up your kitchen.

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