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PVA Sponge Brush Use in HDD Process
PVA Sponge Brush

We know that PVA sponge roller is the commodity for the cleaning process, but how could we determine the sponge roller cleanliness?  A contaminated sponge roller may not only unable to clean-up the substrate surface but also contaminated the cleaning process.  This is the reason why only quality sponge roller could be used in the process.

DST has been working with many industries for supplying detergent and PVA sponge roller for their cleaning process; hard disc drive industry and wafer cleaning are the two most stringent industries that require the highest requirement in sponge roller cleanliness specification.

PVA Sponge Contamination

There are many process materials being used within the PVA sponge manufacturing process.  Many of the process materials could be leftover in the PVA sponge roller.  Those contaminants shall be washed out in the final PVA sponge cleaning process before packing.

potato starch

Let us list down several contaminants could be leftover in the PVA sponge prior final cleaning:

  1. Starch
  2. None reacted PVA particle
  3. Formaldehyde solution
  4. Foaming agent

The PVA sponge cleaning process has to be effective enough for removing the contaminants left on the sponge during the manufacturing process.

Why Remove the Contaminants

Many PVA sponge manufacturers have overlooked the necessity of removing the contaminants from the PVA sponge.  During a cleaning process, a contaminated sponge may transfer the contaminant from the PVA sponge on to the substrate surface

DST has a dedicated sponge cleaning process to clean up our sponge after manufacturing.  Once the sponge being cleaned, we will sample several PVA sponge for sponge cleanliness monitoring.  Our PVA sponge roller will go through a stringent cleaning process as well as quality measurement to ensure lot quality compliance before shipping.

The PVA sponge quality system has acted as the basis for DST to monitor our product quality to fulfil the most stringent cleanliness requirement.

PVA Sponge Cleanliness Spec
PVA Sponge Cleanliness Spec

Monitor PVA Sponge Cleanliness

There are several cleaning technique and technology being used in our PVA sponge cleaning process.  The cleaning process is required to remove the contaminants leftover in the sponge.  A few sponge cleanliness monitoring tools being used to ensure our sponge meets the cleanliness spec.

IC Tester
IC Tester

IC Test.  IC stands for Ion Chromatography test.  This is the tools we used for determining the sponge fulfil the cleanliness requirement.  The ppb ionic level is a good sign to indicate the sponge cleanliness.

LPC meter.  This is the tools to measures particle leach out count within a piece of sponge.  This is an essential tool for particle measurement.  For customer who is very particular on particle leach out, this tool could be the correct option.  However, through our experience, we seldom bother too much in LPC count within a sponge.  Our reader could read more insight why we say so in the article why bother in LPC count.

Enforce a reliable cleaning process is a basis for ensuring PVA sponge roller cleanliness fulfil stringent criteria.  While we mention a reliable cleaning process, we are referring not only the cleaning process but also the water treatment system.

DST always welcome our reader to leave your concern about sponge cleanliness, we will answer your concern accordingly based on our knowledge in this industry.

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