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Mirror Surface Stainless Steel Plate

Mirror Surface Stainless Steel Plate

A mirror surface finishing stainless steel plate is under high demand, such as many commercial building are using shinny stainless steel plate to decorate the wall. The beautiful mirror finish stainless steel plate has become very popular ornament element in commercial building as it not only gives grandeur feeling but also convenient in maintenance.

A shinny stainless steel plate becomes a hot product, perhaps there are several companies through out Malaysia is setting up the mirror polishing process to support the market.

In order to achieve mirror surface finishing on stainless steel plate, the manufacturer has to set up a dedicate polish process.

Stainless Steel Surface Finishing Process

Hair Line Stainless Steel Plate

Since stainless steel plate is relatively hard material. From the stand of CMP process, the stainless steel surface finishing mainly contribute by mechanical polish and assist with minor chemical polish. The process comes in below set up:

Step 1. Stainless Steel Plate Loading.
Step 2. Rough Polish.
Step 3. Fine Polish.
Step 4. Surface Inspection.
Step 5. Surface Laminate.
Step 6. Storage

Perhaps above are a general surface finishing process. The key parameters affecting the surface finishing are:

  1. Process parameters. Such as the polishing pressure, time and movement.
  2. Process commodities. Scouring pad, PVA polish sponge pad and polishing slurry.

It is easier getting a general polish surface however achieving a mirror surface finish will be a challenging job.

Stainless Steel Surface Finishing

With difference process setup, the manufacturer shall get several polished surface appearance, just to list a few:

  1. Mirror finishing
  2. Hair line
  3. Starlight pattern
  4. Gloss surface
  5. Sand blast
  6. Etched finish
  7. Bright Annealed

Among various surface finishing condition for stainless steel plate, the mirror surface finishing should be the most high grade product.

Major Concern on the Mirror Surface Finishing

Surface Scratches

The manufacturer has spent a hefty effort to polish the stainless steel plate surface in order to achieve mirror surface finishing. Unfortunately, in the subsequent process, the operator touched the surface with bare hand and left with a fingerprint. Hence, we can see an obvious friction ridge of human is left on the surface.

Many have approached DST to come out a dedicate surface cleaning detergent for removing the fingerprint mark, unfortunately, it is almost impossible. We have to rework the entire stainless steel plate in case we want to fully recover the surface cleanliness.

Besides the fingerprint, surface scratches or uneven polish mark is also the common deficiency on the mirror finishing surface. The “hard defect” scratch is contributed by the contaminant, especially the user is using wool wheel pad. This is because wool wheel pad comes with high impurity and wool quality variances. We also see the manufacturer is converting toward PVA polish sponge pad in order to minimize the surface scratch.

Fingerprint mark will ruin the mirror surface stainless steel plate.

Hope our reader has the basic understanding about the stainless steel mirror surface finishing process and left us any comment if you want to find out more about this topic.

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