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PVA Polish Sponge or Buffing Pad

PVA Polish Sponge Pad or Buffing Pad

The PVA Polish Sponge Pad or buffing pad is developed target for wet polish process. This also indicates that the PVA sponge has showed a good characteristic for achieve surface polishing parameters. Many has aware that PVA sponge has a widely used in cleaning industry, now we are moving a step ahead in the surface polishing process.

Our polish sponge pad comes in high purity and durability has make it very suitable for polish under wet slurry process.

PVA Polish sponge is suitable using in wet polishing process.

General Introduction

PVA sponge is a polymer product which come with several features, such as high purity, durable and also soft in nature. Perhaps, the sponge has shown a good result in surface cleaning. With the product nature, we have increase the sponge hardness so that is fit the polish process.

PVA Polish Sponge Pad

The polish sponge pad is targeted for the user who want a softer polishing substrate, and also need mirror surface finishing. Perhaps, it works very well under CMP polish mechanism. The interconnected pore structure provides a good slurry delivery system during the polishing process. Whereby the harden sponge characteristic also contribute a portion of mechanical removal.

PVA Polish Sponge Pad Advantages

In a CMP process, polish slurry and polish pad both are playing an important role. This latest polish pad provides an alternative on polish pad selection. The softer sponge nature makes it a good substitution for achieving mirror surface finishing. Below are some of the important features for the buffing sponge

  • Able to work under wet polish process.
  • Acid resistance. Suitable to use under various acid based slurry.
  • Sponge durable for polish process
  • High purity to avoid contamination


Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Plate
Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Plate

The common PVA grinding wheel is suitable for general hard surface grinding. However, for high surface finishing requirement, we have to introduce the PVA polish sponge pad. Perhaps, the polish sponge pad is definitely a MUST commodities if you are working toward mirror surface finishing. In other word, the PVA polish pad shall get a smoother surface or lower roughness surface.

There are several surface finishing process which suitable for this polish pad, especially those required mirror surface finishing metal plate, such as:

  1. Stainless steel plate surface polishing
  2. Aluminum substrate polishing
  3. Metallic surface polishing
  4. Glass surface polishing
  5. Granite surface finishing

Dimension and Packaging

Our standard polish pad come in circular shape with 240mm diameter and 35mm thick. Meanwhile, we could tailor made the dimension base on customer the process dimension. Furthermore, we could even perform various contour design base on customer needs.

Packaging wise, it comes with 5pcs per bag.

We understand if this PVA buffing or polish sponge pad only comes to your attention, as this is pretty new in the industry. Kindly call up DST for any inquiry about the latest sponge pad.

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