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Kitchen Cleaner Spray Solution

Oil Clean Solution is an effective kitchen cleaner spray solution. Perhaps, this cleaner becomes a necessity item for those who want to keep a clean kitchen.  Everyone like a cleaner and neat working environment, this principle applies to household living too!  Among the house cleaning items, the kitchen and toilet cleaning would be the 2 areas people concerned about. 

Among all the kitchen contaminants, oil stain mark is the most challenging contaminant. Unless you are having appropriate cleaning utilities else you will face difficulty for removing.

Oil Clean Solution is an effective Kitchen Cleaner Spray Solution to remove kitchen oil stain mark. The stain mark is commonly seen on the vacuum hood, gas stove and exhausting fan.

Kitchen Cleaner Spray
Kitchen Cleaner Spray

The oil film tends to build up in any part of the kitchen because the oil mist is so light and it could float in the kitchen until it settles down on a surface.  Furthermore, the film will grow thicker and become very hard to clean after several days.  Meanwhile, the oil film start accumulates and delivers smell after some time, this makes the kitchen is not favourable for cooking purpose.

Common Oil Stain Mark

You could easily identify the stubborn oil film at below areas:

  • Vacuum hood
  • Gas stove
  • Edge of kitchen workbench
  • Exhaust fan

You need a dedicate kitchen cleaner which really helps in kitchen cleaning. Let us see what special about this remarkable kitchen cleaning product, the Oil Clean kitchen cleaning spray solution.

The Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Steps to use Oil Clean Solution
Steps to use Oil Clean Solution

Oil Clean Solution is a dedicated formulation for helping the housewife to clean-up their kitchen almost effortless.  It comes in a handy and nice-looking 200ml spray bottle.  The housewife just has to aim the nozzle toward the oil contaminant, give the contaminant a few sprays.

The Cleaner Working Mechanism

This kitchen cleaner spray solution is having a high dissolving capability, it helps to breakdown even the aged-oil stain mark. Afterwards, the housewife could easily remove the oil contaminant by wiping it with a cloth.

Bubble after Spray

Bubble on the Spray Surface
Bubble on the Spray Surface

There is a moderate level of bubble coming out from the spray nozzle.  Compare to other products, Oil Clean Solution is not a foaming kitchen cleaning product, it is a combination of formulation recipe which involve several factors in oil contaminant removal.

The bubble is bringing the advantages of achieving a cleaned surface.  From a cleaning strategy standpoint, after the oil contaminant being dissolved, the bubble comes into the role for surface cleaning.

Material friendly Formulation

Marble Table

There are various material surfaces in the kitchen, such as marble table, glass door, metal surface for vacuum hood, plastic panel for the cabinet or even aluminium handle.  The detergent formulation works nicely with all the material so that we can directly spray the Oil Clean Solution on above surfaces material without worrying about damaging the surface.

You could soak the oily contaminant part in the cleaner solution for getting the best cleaning result. For instance, remove the vacuum filter net and get it to soak in the cleaner solution.

No matter how much we explain about the kitchen cleaner, you ought to test it by yourself. Get a bottle of kitchen cleaner spray and work under your kitchen cleaning checklist in order to experience the difference.

We believe you will experience a never before cleaned and brighter kitchen.  Please contact EC Clean and get a bottle from us.

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