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FAQ – Oil Clean Solution

Oil Clean Solution
Oil Clean Solution

Since we launched the 😀most wanted kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, we thank you for your trust and support for our product.

Furthermore, we are glad to hear that the Oil Clean Solution really helps you to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free on ☀️the gas stove and ☀️vacuum hood.

However, here are some of the common question we get from our customers:
🚩1) Could I have a larger bottle of Oil Clean Solution?
Oil Clean Solution comes in 200ml spray bottle. So far we do not offer a larger bottle of cleaner spray as this is the convenient size for a housewife to carry during the kitchen cleaning.
However, for customers who need more oil stain to clean, we always offer to buy 2 or 3 bottle packing.

🚩2) Is the cleaner damage my kitchen surface?
Oil Clean solution is nicely formulated that it works fine with most of the common surface found in the modern kitchen. You could spray the Oil Clean Solution on ✔️Metal Surface, ✔️Glass Surface, ✔️Marble Surface, ✔️Carboard Melamine surface and ✔️Aluminum Handle.

Bubble on the Spray Surface
Bubble on the Spray Surface

🚩3) Is there any residue on the surface after clean?
Yes, there is a thin film of residue on the surface after you initial clean with Oil Clean Solution.
You could wipe the surface with a wetted cloth to remove the thin film of residue.

🚩4) Oil Clean Solution is so powerful in oil stain removal, it is a toxic product?
Oil Clean Solution is a chemistry formulation, we should not put the solution into our mouth or body. During our cleaning process, we should keep away the food to get in contact with the solution.

🚩5) What is the mechanism for Oil Clean Solution to remove an oil stain mark?
Oil stain turns to stubborn stain after it sticks on the surface, users are unable to remove the oil stain via normal mopping.
We formulate Oil Clean Solution with the ability to dissolve the oil stain mark. The liquify oil mark could be wiped off with a clean cloth or kitchen towel.

🚩6) How to use Oil Clean Solution?
The application is very strait forward.
a) wear appropriate PPE, such as glove, facemask, face shield.
b) release the lock knob.
c) point the nozzle against the oil stain mark you want to remove.
d) pressure the bottle handle bar to spray the solution to cover the oil stain mark.
e) observe the stubborn oil stain mark being dissolved.
f) mop the liquify oil mark with a cloth or kitchen tissue.

🚩7) Is there an irritating smell from Oil Clean Solution?
The solution does not expel irritating smell. There is a unique “sweet” smell from the solution, it is a very decent smell.

🚩8) What if my finger touches the Oil Clean Solution?
Your finger will feel “slippery” aftertouch with Oil Clean Solution, hence you have to rinse your hand with plenty of water in order to get rid of the solution.

Wear appropriate PPE for full protection

🚩9) Could I use Oil Clean Solution to clean my oily hand?
❌No. You should use hand detergent for hand or body cleaning.
Oil Clean Solution is a dedicate formulation for oil stain removal, it may cause skin irritation.

🚩10) Why should I wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) attire while handling the Oil Clean Solution?
Wearing PPE attire is always standard practice for handling any chemistry product. We also recommend our user could wear the basic PPE attire in order to get maximum protection to yourself.

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