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Uses PVA Foam Wiper in Cleanroom

PVA Foam Wiper Pack
PVA Foam Wiper Pack

The PVA wiper is a sheet form material and this material commonly used in the surface cleaning process. Meanwhile, the wiper comes in the dimension 210*210*2mm and this dimension suit for many semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment which has to fulfil several stringent criteria. Besides the control of temperature and humidity control, particle compliance is the challenge to determine the cleanroom standard. The foam wiper comes in lint-free characteristic and it is very suitable to use in the cleanroom.

PVA wiper is lint-free and no electrostatic build-up during the wiping process. Hence, it becomes a suitable material uses in the cleanroom.

PVA Foam Wiper
PVA Wiper

What to select for a Cleanroom Wiper?


The cleanroom is a controlled environment and only allows to bring into non-contaminant substance. Furthermore, the cleanroom engineer always reviews the substances to ensure it fulfils the requirements. These include:

  • Lint Free Substance
  • No electrostatic build-up
  • Not generate particle during the surface wiping process
  • Laminar airflow control

As everyone aware, the ordinary paper and tissue wiper are forbidden to use in the cleanroom. Because the loose particle and lint will be generated and further contaminant the cleanroom. Under this circumstance, PVA wiper becomes a good alternative to replace non-woven cloth to use in the cleanroom for general surface cleaning.

You may select the lint-free cleanroom non-woven cloth but we see the increasing demand in foam wiper use in a cleanroom.

PVA Wiper Characteristic

The foam wiper comes in 2mm thick foam sheet. It makes by PVA material which similar to PVA sponge. The only difference is the structure difference. PVA sponge roller comes in roller form, whereby the wiper comes in sheet form.

Main Features

We are seeing several uniques characteristic other than the fibre-base cloth, these include:

  1. The good moisture absorption rate, this makes it easy for picking up contaminant particulate.
  2. A lint-free substance which reduces loose lint and particle in cleanroom or workplace.
  3. Chemical resistance.
  4. Washable and reusable.
  5. Suitable for wet surface cleaning.

The process needs Foam Wiper

PVA foam is suitable works under wet stage cleaning process, such as scrubbing and wiping process. The sheet form PVA wiper mainly used for surface wiping process. Hence, you could see the wiper in pharmaceutical, optical and precision measuring tools which have a high demand for contamination control. Meanwhile, we are also seeing the field engineer uses the wiper for workbench and equipment cleaning.

Packing for Wiper

The PVA foam wiper comes in 5pcs per pack. Furthermore, the wiper is pre-soak in DI water and packed under the wet stage. This means the user could immediately use the wiper to wipe off surface contaminant.

Our PVA wiper foam comes in 5pcs per pack, this gives us the utmost convenience in delivered the part. Furthermore, the wiper is manufactured under ISO9001 facility, this also ensures proper process quality control。

So far we have elaborated the benefits for using PVA wiper in the cleanroom. Please contact DST if you are having a requirement to clean up contaminant in a cleanroom, or about the wiper.

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