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Select The Metal Paint Stripper Or Thinner Solvent


The Paint Stripper PS-8 is a paint remover solution for removing an overflow paint on the surface. Many users used to apply Thinner solution but the effect is less effective. Perhaps, the PS-8 Paint Stripper is much more effective in paint stripping.

Thinner solvent or Thinner water, is a very volatile solution. It consists with combination of various chemical solvent such as mineral spirit, true turpentine, acetone, toluene and etc. Furthermore, this solution gives a distinct unpleasant smell which bring harmful for human body in long run.

Select PS-8 Paint Stripper if your purpose is removing the unwanted paint layer on the metal surface.

Thinner Solution becomes Ineffective?

All the while the hardware shop always recommend to use thinner solution for removing the excessive paint layer on the floor, unfortunately this may not be a good choice especially the paint or primer is moving toward cross-linking effect paint polymer. This is also the reason why all of the sudden the thinner solution seems like less effective as it used to be.

Even though the thinner solution is a combination of series of solvent unfortunately those solvents become less effective for latest paint technique. This is because the surface tension of thinner solution is incapable to breakthrough the barrier paint wall. Under this circumstance, we need the PS-8 Metal Paint Stripper.

How to Apply the Metal Paint Stripper

In general, the application process is simple. Instead of directly pour the paint stripper on the surface, we always recommend user to brush the PS-8 Paint stripper on the unwanted paint surface. This may look a little tedious but a good gesture to avoid waste. The low surface tension characteristic of the solution will quickly penetrate into the paint surface and loosen up the paint within second. Furthermore, the detergent in the formulation also enhance the cleaning performance.

User could use a fabric cloth to remove the loosen paint residue. If the area is too big, user could also use a scrapper to remove the loosen unwanted paint residue.

Besides applying on the surface, user could also soak the entire part in the paint stripper solution in case you want to have a totally strip-off. This method is suitable if the component may has covered with extensive primer on the surface.

Application method is very much depend on the area we are removing.

About the PS-8, the Paint Stripper

The PS-8 paint stripper is a dedicate formulate chemical solution for removing the unwanted paint residue. Below is some of the chemical properties:

  1. Minor irritating smell
  2. Non Caustic
  3. Non acidic or corrosion chemical solution
  4. Non flammable
  5. Fast action
  6. Easy to clean off the surface with water and simple wiping

The Paint Stripper is very niche product for removing unwanted paint or primer on the metal surface. We may have to fine tune the recipe base on customer’s application. Feel free to contact DST and we shall work out the suitable chemistry formulation.

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