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PVA Brush and Sponge

We come across a user who asked us about the difference between the PVA brush and sponge. From our experience, in most cases, we are using the term PVA sponge while we discuss our product with users. However, in certain industries, they prefer the term PVA brush instead of PVA sponge.

Base on our observation, those users who are using the sponge with the brushing purpose will tend to use the term with PVA brush. Perhaps, those users also having a high requirement in terms of surface cleaning.

The user prefers using the term PVA brush especially those who used the sponge to perform surface cleaning.

PVA Brush and Sponge
PVA Brush and Sponge

PVA Sponge

The PVA sponge could be fabricated to various structures base on the user’s requirement. Many users may think that a PVA sponge may come in block sponge type, something like the square sponge which normally sees in the kitchen cleaning, but with some creativity, we could turn the sponge into a different design.

PVA Brush

Circular Surface Brush
Surface PVA Brush

As learn from Wikipedia, a brush is a tool uses for cleaning, surface finishing, painting, and many other purposes. However, the brush material is not specified, it could be nylon brush, metal wire, fur, or PVA sponge materials. Perhaps, most of the brush comes in a filament structure.

Since the year 1990, IBM engineers have started using PVA sponges to remove the contaminant on the substrate surface. Because of the sponge nature, the field engineer could fabricate the sponge in various designs in order to achieve better surface cleaning results. Since the sponge requires brushing effect, hence some engineer uses the term with a brush.

PVA Brush Structure

There are many brush structures derive from the PVA sponge, the most common structure is the circular and nodular type of sponge structure. We know there are many manufacturers could fabricate circular PVA sponge roller but not other structure.

Besides the nodular sponge roller, we have other sponge structures, such as disc type sponge, spline sponge roller. All these brushes are designed and fabricated because of their individual needs. Even with a minor change in brush structure, it will lead to significant cleaning results.

Brush Application

Nodular Roller
Nodular PVA Sponge

For substrate surface, such as the semiconductor wafer surface is covered with polishing sludge after the CMP process. In order to improve the cleaning result, we had designed a nodular sponge roller for wafer surface cleaning.

Because PVA sponge is having a unique characteristic, soft and durable. It will generate sufficient friction force to remove the contaminant but without causing scratches on the substrate surface. Hence, it becomes a suitable material uses as a brush material.

Brush Design

The brush could design in various patterns or sizes. The users only have to consider the brush pattern which could improve in surface cleaning, some creative thinking may need at this stage. On the other hand, DST will turn the PVA sponge into the brush structure requires.

DST has many years of working experience in developing PVA sponge products with our customers. Our PVA sponge products mainly used in the cleaning industry. On the other hand, we also expand our PVA knowledge into the household and medical industry. You are always welcome to talk with us about your needs in PVA brush, we will work out a plan to meet your requirement.

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